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Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Review: Is it the real deal?

by on October 7, 2016


Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Inquiry

Innovus Pharmaceuticals proclaims that Beyond Human Testosterone will nurture overall well-being. The producer asserts that it assists gentlemen in reclaiming their youth; does not cause harmful side effects; and increases virility.

The distributor claims that this supplement will foster sexual health; intensify muscle strength;and boost endurance. It is promoted to spur muscle growth and kick up energy.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Properties and FunctionsInnovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Properties

Pyridoxine, which is also called vitamin B6, works to flood the libido with testosterone. Vitamin B6, is critical not only to testosterone production, but to balancing the hormone as well. It converts carbs to energy further fueling the body.

Protein metabolism and muscle cell synthesis require magnesium. It is hypothesized that testosterone manufacture requires those specific proteins. Magnesium is essential to the required time for post work out recovery and repair as well.

Zinc oxide was shown to increase sexual desire and enhance the ability to achieve an erection. It functions this way by boosting the natural testosterone production in the body. Zinc is also believed to prevent cancer formation in the prostate.

Rhodiola is a property that assists in various system responses to stress. It also heightens endurance; boosts energy levels; and balances all hormone.Fenugreek Extract

Bioperine is obtained from piper longum and blended into numerous men’s health supplements. It has been proven to improve the bioavailability of most all nutrients and it helps to create energy at the cellular level. Bioperine also supports circulation, particularly in the penile region, which can promote erection size and firmness.

Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is another popular property in male enhancing supplements. Ancient Indonesia has long known its powerful libido boosting abilities. It can improve low T and reduce erectile dysfunction as well as enhance sperm potency.

Scientists have found that a property in Fenugreek called Testofen intensifies orgasm, amplifies testosterone production, and enhances the libido. It acts by increasing testoid levels and was scientifically proven to magnify muscle strength.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Usage

The label tells consumers to take two tablets every day.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Credits and Debits

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Credits

There is clinical data for the individual ingredients.

This product includes a 90-day money back guarantee.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Debits

Scientific testing has not been conducted on the post market product.

The manufacturer’s website does not provide clear details about the refund policy.

Its contact link leads to dead ends.

A return authorization number must be obtained in order to request refunds.

Two different sets details are posted for the refund policy’s number of days

Before consumers may ask for their money back, they must take this product for 90-days.

Return bottles are only honored, if they are unopened.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone Purchase Spot

This product can be ordered from the company webpage.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals Beyond Human Testosterone End Note

This manufacturer appears to be a fraud because the information for the refund policy is not only imprecise, but contains numerous contradictions.

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