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14 Best Foreplay Ideas to Drive Her Wild

by David Johnson
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Orgasmic sex depends entirely on foreplay. Directly aiming for the target without giving time for warm-up can put pressure on your partner. Instead of getting heated up, she might dread the act but do it anyway for the sake of pleasing you. This selfish act could result in fake orgasms, which can entirely ruin the whole experience.

Experts say women have eleven types of orgasms. And you can’t tap any of them when you ignore the simple act of foreplay. Foreplay enables both you and your partner to be physically prepared and sexually stimulated for intercourse. It’s this warming up that makes for mind-blowing sex.

Foreplay isn’t a complicated act. It’s as simple as teasing each other, engaging in games, or biting the other in their erogenous zones. All these can lead to unplanned but passionate sex. Below are some tips for fun but hot foreplay.

Sexting throughout the day

Women respond more with mental stimulation. Let her thoughts run wild by sending her sexy photos of you. Send her topless selfies or when you’re fresh from the shower with the caption “I can’t help thinking about you in the shower.” This can blow her mind and increases her excitement to meet you later in the day.

Getting close but not touching

Tease her by whispering something in her ear or breathing on the back of her neck without touching her. This gets some women going. Surely, your partner will get turned on the same way.

Locking eyes with her

If you’re in the process of going down on your partner, try to lock eyes with her. This is not only sexy but can intensify the sensations she’s feeling. This also gives her the idea that you’re pleasing her as much as you can.

Teasing her everywhere

soft neck kissesSpending a bit of kinky time with your partner gives you more ideas of her erogenous zones. But if she’s a new partner, you need to put some more effort into discovering what turns her on. You can make this challenge much easier by teasing her and touching her everywhere. Give her butterfly kisses on the nape while sliding your fingers under her underwear or run your hands up and down her thighs. Gently pull away by the time she starts to respond. This will blow her mind and crave for more.

Playing fight with her

Some women get turned on with tickle fights. If your partner is game, start to tickle her. Tickle fights can be a bit aggressive, so you need to ensure you’re not hurting her. The touching and fun can lead to more sensual foreplay and eventually to steamy sex.

Taking pleasure while giving her one

Sex involves tons of touching, kissing, and body contact. Make sure that you enjoy every bit of the journey even if it means you have to allow her to cum first before you do. Sex is not a chore. It’s a pleasurable deed that the two of you must enjoy regardless of who did what.

Loving what you’re doing

Try to be a loving partner as much as you can. When you’re a loving partner, it shows in your touch, your kiss, and your moves. Even the thought of being loved and desired for can instantly turn a woman on. But if your intention is more on hitting the target, your partner may notice it and it may even take longer for her to get going.

Giving her a passionate kiss

Exchanging saliva during a kiss increases your connection. Women become more erotic when they often receive passionate kisses. Clinical sexologist Patti Britton says passionate kissing is the best technique to bring your woman back into it whenever she seems to lose interest. A passionate kiss does not only mean playing with your tongue, but it also means kissing her on the forehead, chin, and nose.

Taking time to undress her

Women don’t like to rush things. They prefer gentle moves unless she’s truly turned on and has an intense craving for your touch. But most often, she wants it more slowly. Not giving her clues about what comes next increases her excitement. After taking off her shirt, spend some time massaging her back and kissing it before taking off her bra, and so on.

Giving her a striptease

If you both love things to be light and fun, you can give her a striptease. Don’t care whether you’re a lousy dancer. At least you’ve tried your best to set the mood. You might appear funny but at least you make her feel a lot horny.

Wearing sexy undergarments

If you think a sexy underwear is only for women, think again. The world has changed, so are the rules for sex. Low rise briefs can give her a mental sneak peek of white lies underneath.

Giving her erotic massage

caressing her neckIf she’s feeling less horny due to massive workloads in the office, you can offer to give her a massage. A loving massage can bring a gentle transition to passionate sex. Begin by giving her a massage that can truly alleviate the tension she’s feeling. Even if you’re not an experienced therapist, your touch alone is enough to ease the tension in her muscles.

As she relaxes, start to massage the length of her legs, starting from her toes upwards. As you reach the top of her inner thighs, allow your fingers to nearly touch her vagina but not quite. Then let her turn her back and start massaging her butt. Finish the massage by going into the areas that make her feel more erotic.

Teasing her clitoris

According to sexologist Cathy Winks, most men commit the common mistake of aiming for the clitoris when stimulating her vagina. Direct stimulation of the clitoris can be painful when she’s not yet turned on. Before playing with the clitoris, you need to first rub the sides of the clit before hitting the clitoral hood. Better yet, tease it by licking it or sucking on it. Giving the area around the clit an eight-figure pattern can also increase her erotic sensations.

Paying attention to her response

Of course, the best way to know if she’s turned on is by getting cues from her responses. When she moans or arches her back, it means she’s getting pleasure in what you do.

All of these are just a few tricks to make your partner begs for you to enter. You can try different techniques and see how they work. Every person is different, which means there’s no end to learning the best foreplay techniques that can transform her into the most erotic woman you ever know.

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