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6 Surprising Signs You Are Anxious

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It’s pretty obvious when one’s anxious. From sweaty palms, shortness of breath, to shivering legs, there are physical manifestations that are easily noticeable. But that’s not it – there are other odd signs manifesting your anxious state you’ll be surprised to know.

1. Gassiness

Feeling anxious is unpleasant enough; add to the fact that you can also feel gassiness and burping in public, which makes the whole anxiety situation even worse. This can be attributed to your eating and drinking very quickly due to your nerves getting the best of you and over overactive stomach. This is because gas is produced when the acid in your gut is being shaken while apprehension runs through your system. You can also blame it on gulping too much air as your breathing increases as your stress levels heighten. The more air you breathe, the faster you have to get rid of it.

2. Cold hands and feet

Cold weather and poor circulation can trigger your hands and feet to feel cold, but if you’re feeling pretty uneasy and sick on your stomach, anxiety may be the reason. When you’re nervous about something, the circulation of your blood is redirected away from your extremities, going for the bigger organs in your torso. It’s like your fight or flight mode being turned on, which the body naturally goes through as means of shielding the heart and other vital organs needed to survive. Even if the situation is not life-threatening, your body doesn’t know the difference. Being held up at a gunpoint and being late at an appointment with a client go through the same process in the body anyway.

3. Weird rashes

preview-full-shutterstock_504104899There’s a link between your emotions and your skin. Take for example; you blush after getting a compliment. When you’re anxious, it also manifests on your skin. Eczema is one of these manifestations. Other allergies can also start to creep out when you’re emotionally struggling with something. During toxic instances, there’s extra cortisol that gushes through the bloodstream. This weakens your body’s shields, making your skin more sensitive and prone to allergies.

4. Yawning a lot

We yawn when we’re bored, exhausted, or sleepy, but we also do it when we’re nervous. People experiencing anxiety or panic has the tendency to breathe more quickly than the average ones. This leads to hastened breathing, which, in turn, makes your brain assume you’re not getting sufficient air. The result is more gulps of air and deep inhales
that cause you to yawn a lot.

5. Being spaced out

If you have a severe anxiety problem, there could be imaginary feelings that you think are real. There could also be the feeling that your surroundings are not real. Fortunately, this is only a singular symptom. When you’re under this sensation, you continue to perform your tasks, whatever they are, but you’re not in control of your own body and its mechanics.

6. Hearing ‘ghost’ rings

preview-full-shutterstock_551242696If you keep on hearing or feeling that your phone has gone off only to find nobody’s calling or texting, you’re experiencing ringxiety, or phantom vibrations and phantom ringing. When you’re anxious to get a call or a message from your partner, as well as fear that he or she may not be as committed as you are (which you presume is the reason why you’re not getting any calls or texts), you’re more likely to hear sounds or vibrations from your phone that didn’t even take place. In a study, this phenomenon was proven to occur among those who have greater attachment anxiety.

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