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8 Brands of Water and Their Alkaline Properties

by Supplement View Staff

It’s no surprise that water is one of the most consumed substances in the world. The human body, in fact, needs water to stay hydrated, flush out dangerous toxins and stay alert. But recently, alkaline water has become popular for its beneficial qualities. Advantages like higher immune system support, weight loss, and increase hydration in the body and skin are associated with alkaline water. Although with over ten different brands of water marketing their brand as the best in the business in alkaline water resources, which brand is the most beneficial to your health? Here are eight different brands of water and whether their water sources are truly alkaline:

  1. Eska

If you like alkaline water than you must try water produced by Eska, they promise to produce alkaline water and they deliver with a stunning ph of 7.8.  But where does Eska receive their water source? Eska collects their water from a source protected by glacial rocks. Unlike most water brands, Eska even outlines the treatment process of their water which involves eliminating particulate matter and sterilizing the water source. By describing their treatment process, Eska offers full transparency to their customers about how their water is produced. Therefore, Eska is a brand you can trust to provide and deliver true alkaline water.

  1. President’s Choice natural spring water

While it’s low cost can trick many people into believing it’s the best source of alkaline water, don’t be fooled. Its ph of 7.8 is relatively nice, although, there so much customers don’t know about this brand of water. In fact, there is little to no information about how the water is produced and treated. All that is known about President’s Choice is that the water comes from natural spring water. However, the spring water you may be drinking may be from your hometown or half-way across the world. If you want a relatively good source of alkaline water at an affordable price President’s Choice is the brand for you, but if you want to understand where, how, and why your water is produced the way it is you may want to buy another brand.

  1. Fiji natural spring water

Fiji water can be expensive; however, it may not be worth the cost. Fiji water is known to have a ph of 7.3, although Fiji provides information on their treatment process, unlike some water brands. Fiji removes particulate matter and microbiological particulars from their water source as well as disinfects it. Some customers might find Fiji’s water to be too neutral for their taste. However, unlike some brands Fiji allows customers to understand how the water is produced and treated, therefore, earning the customers trust. Fiji water is a good brand of water, but as always, it’s up to you whether you like it or not.

  1. Evian natural spring water

While Evian’s collection of water from the French Alps sounds idyllic, however, the Evian’s water is most commonly compared to tap water. The ph of tap water fluctuates although it’s usually between 6.8 and a 7.2 when you drink a bottle of Evian your drinking water with a ph level of 7.2. Some people disagree with Evian’s connection to tap water; however, Evian’s ph doesn’t lie. If you drink Evian, you might as well drink from the tap too.

  1. Smart Water  

Like Evian, Smart Water shares Evian’s ph level and association with tap water. Although Smart Water does provide customers with a detailed report on how their water is sourced and treated, in fact, Smart Water collects its water from various locations, and their treatment process includes sterilization and re-mineralization. While Smart Waters ph is not that impressive especially for those that want alkaline water, their clarity allows customers to trust the product that is presented.

  1. Nestle Pure Life   

Nestle’s price and ph of 7.1 might not raise your temperature but Nestle is one of the only water companies to contribute in full transparency with its customers. Not only does Nestle disclose where their water is sourced and how it’s treated but they also divulge the number of toxins their water contains. Most companies wouldn’t think to reveal that kind of important in fear of customer outrage but Nestle trusts their customers. If you go to Nestle’s website, you can find anything you need to know about how their water is produced. In fact, if you have any questions, they also provide a phone number you can call to ask about products. Nestle may not be the number one product in alkaline water, but they care about their customers.

  1. Arto LIFEWTR

Arto LIFEWTR has recently gained popularity for its balanced ph and added electrolytes in its water bottles. In fact, Arto LIFEWTR stays true to its customers and produces water with 7.0 ph. Perfectly balanced water will equal pure water and while it’s not alkaline water some people like pure water better. For those that like pure water instead of alkaline water Arto LIFEWTR is for you. However, since a ph of 7.0 isn’t alkaline, it won’t be the first choice of any alkaline water drinkers out there.

  1. Voss spring water from Norway

Voss water is often looked at as the high-class option or at least as an expensive one. Voss water is known to cost a pretty penny, but sadly if you’re looking for an alkaline water source, you might be spending your money in the wrong place. Voss water has a low ph of 6.6, and it doesn’t get better from there. In fact, Voss water doesn’t even tell customers how the water is produced and treated. Some people may like Voss water because of its sleek and polished look but if you want alkaline water your better off spending your money on another brand.

Alkaline water is hard to come by, although if you do your research and compare brands, you should find the best alkaline water source for you in no time.

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