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9 Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Symptoms

by Supplement View Staff

Sometimes life can be challenging when you or a loved one has a cold or the flu. Everyone gets sick from time to time, but no one ever enjoys the nature of a running nose or a returning cough.

To relieve cold and flu symptoms, most people, take over the counter medications that come in various strengths. However, some people develop a reaction to cold and flu medication that causes a person to become drowsy or dizzy. Moreover, people who tend to work long hours will likely need to relieve cold and flu symptoms by other means. Luckily, there are many home remedies a person can try to alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

But what are some natural home remedies a person can attempt? Here are the top nine simple home cures for cold and flu symptoms:

  1. Chicken soup

You’ve probably eaten chicken soup once or twice when you were sick and wondered if it would help at all, now all your questions can be answered. Chicken soup is the perfect meal if you or a friend is feeling under the weather. Chicken soup is known for decreasing the signs of respiratory infections. In fact, chicken soup can even minimize the speed of neutrophils in the body, which safeguards the body from infection. Some people might have the misconceived notion that just because chicken soup slows the motion of neutrophils down in the body that it undermines the body’s natural protection process. However, by decreasing the speed of neutrophils, the body targets the area or areas of where the body demands the most healing. Therefore, chicken soup can help speed up the recovery process after the body has suffered from an illness.

  1. Ginger tea  

Ginger tea is another staple for wellness when you’re recovering from a cold or the flu. Ginger tea is especially effective in treating running noses. The ginger in the tea is known to remove mucus from the respiratory airways. Along with curing running noses, ginger tea also has been known to ease other common cold and flu symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and dizziness. However, ginger tea is not the greatest at speeding up the recovery process due to the fact that ginger tea doesn’t target the body’s natural protection system. Instead, ginger tea focuses on treating the symptoms of a cold and flu rather than the infection behind it.

  1. Vapor Rub  

Whether you’re healthy or sick as a dog, you’ve heard of vapor rub. The smell is like no other and yet we all use it when we’re down on our luck. Some might even go as far to say that vapor rub is a product of necessity. Whatever your thoughts on the product, vapor rub is known to reduce congestion, coughing, and even enhance sleep. All that is needed is up to two applications of the product to unblock airways. It’s likely that after you put it on you’ll not even notice it’s there, isn’t that amazing!

  1. Drink warm water

Some people hate to drink warm water, however, if you’re sick it might be beneficial to you to try a glass or two. Warm water is known for decreasing swelling in the throat as well as improving hydration in the body. When the body experiences an infection, it’s essential that you hydrate by drinking lots of fluids. The water will help flush out the toxins in the body, therefore, aiding in the speed of the recovery process.

  1. Probiotics

Probiotics have been criticized in the past for being poisonous or even dangerous to one’s health. However, many doctors and health professionals agree that probiotics are a healthy source of nutrients for the body. In fact, if you take daily probiotics, you might prevent some illness from occurring. Probiotics avoid illnesses by producing good bacteria and yeast that promotes a healthy immune system and gut. Therefore, by taking probiotics, you ensure that your body stays healthy for a longer period of time.

  1. Honey

A lot of people who experience cold or flu symptoms drink tea to alleviate the signs of illness. However, if you were to add honey to a cup a tea, you’ll see a reduction in throat soreness or tenderness. In fact, honey is known for its abilities to decrease coughing as well. Many people who add honey to their tea find that they experience fewer cold and flu symptoms after they did so. But like ginger tea, honey doesn’t treat the underlying infection but rather just the symptoms that the infection presents.

  1. Vitamin C

It’s crucial that your body has the right number of vitamins needed to produce strong bones, a healthy immune system, and a well-fit body. Too many vitamins can lead to hospitalization as well as too little vitamins in bodily systems. Vitamin C, however, is vital in producing a healthy immune system. If you have a strong immune system, it’s likely that you won’t get sick often, and therefore, having the right amount of vitamin C in your body can prevent illnesses. Eating foods like oranges, limes, and grapefruits will increase your vitamin intake and enhance your immune system.

  1. Gargle salt water

Most people find this home remedy to be somewhat unusual, but it can work, although since everyone is different in how medications and treatments affect them the results of salt water may vary from person to person. Rinsing with salt water can, in fact, decrease throat pain and congestion. The salt water reduces common cold and flu symptoms by breaking up mucus and removing allergens. Therefore, gargling salt water can improve day to day living if you’re sick or have an illness.

  1. Take warm baths or showers

There is nothing better than taking a warm bath or shower when you feel under the weather. The steam from the water will ease body aches and relieve tension in sore muscles. Also, the steam will help to clear airways which will reduce coughing and other cold and flu symptoms. If you’re in need of a quick solution to cold and flu symptoms a warm bath or shower is just what you need.

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