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Are Vegans And Vegetarians Better At Sex?

by Supplement View Staff
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The simple choice to give up certain animal products will not necessarily make you better or worse at sex. However, it is possible that some vegans and vegetarians might have sex differently than meat-eaters do. Here are all the ways that vegetarianism or veganism can influence your sex life.

You might become deficient in vitamin B12.

Vegetarians are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B12 because most of your B12 is in seafood, poultry, and beef. Vegans are even more likely than vegetarians to be deficient in B12 because dairy products are also a good source of this nutrient. B12 is important for sex because it increases your sex drive. Therefore, some vegans and vegetarians might have a more difficult time with their sex life. However, you can still get some B12 from soy, rice, and dietary supplements.

Your semen will taste different.

woman sucking at a bananaThe food you eat does actually affect what your semen tastes like. Fruits and vegetables tend to make semen sweet, while red meat tends to make semen taste more salty. Vegetables with more chlorophyll including celery and broccoli will make your semen taste even sweeter. However, you do not need to be a vegetarian to have sweeter tasting semen. You can simply try eating more fruits and vegetables than meat to make your semen less salty.

Soy might raise your estrogen levels.

Since vegans and vegetarians need to find sources of protein that do not come from animal products, soy is very popular among those who do not eat meat. However, while soybeans and tofu are healthy alternatives to meat, some reports have demonstrated that soy can affect sex. Many scientists have actually debated the effects of soy on your sex life. Reports show that soy has a negative influence on your estrogen production. Some believe that it makes men more effeminate, causing problems with sex, sperm, and fertility. However, most clinical trials show that soy does not affect your estrogen production in any way. Other recent trials show that soy can help with your prostate health, which might mean that soy could be somewhat beneficial to your sex life.

You will have less body odor.

A recent study found that women find sweat to smell less badly if it comes from a man who eats many fruits and vegetables. These findings are big deal because smell is actually extremely important for sexual attraction. Countless studies have shown that, when it comes to sexual attraction, body odor is one of the most important factors for both men and women. Therefore, if you have bad body odor, you are less likely to have any sex life at all. However, if you eat fruits and vegetables, your body odor should improve and so should your sex life. Since vegans and vegetarians certainly eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they are more likely to have a sex life. Still, meat-eaters can avoid bad body odor by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet, while decreasing the amount of meat that you eat.

Red meat can no longer boost your sex life.

Some doctors believe that red meat is good for your libido. Although very little evidence backs this claim, it is true that red meat does contain high levels of zinc, which does have important sexual properties. Luckily, you can get your zinc intake from other sources, including seeds, pumpkins, dark chocolate, nuts, mushrooms, spinach, lentils, and oatmeal. You can also try zinc dietary supplements.

Your risk of erectile dysfunction is going to go down.

fit vegan guy preparing his meal Erectile dysfunction is associated with a number of unhealthy lifestyle choices that often end up affecting the health of your heart and blood. Blood pressure problems, cholesterol problems, and heart problems all can be a huge contributing factor when it comes to erectile dysfunction. After all, erections rely on healthy circulation, so if you have insufficient blood flow, you will probably be unable to obtain and maintain a good erection. Therefore, anyone who avoids heart problems have an easier time with getting erections. Studies have shown that vegetarians are much less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, which makes sense because fattier meat can be bad for your heart. In contrast, vegetables can only improve your cardiovascular health. Additionally, vegans and vegetarians tend to be mindful eaters, which can also help with preventing heart problems.

Your testosterone levels may go down.

Vegans and vegetarians are more likely to experience vitamin D deficiency because this vitamin is present is many animal products. Vitamin D deficiency can cause lower testosterone levels, which will result in decreased libido and difficulty getting erections. Therefore, vegans and vegetarians are more likely to have problems with their sex life. However, it is easy to find alternative sources of vitamin D. The best source of vitamin D is actually sunlight. When ultraviolet light hits your skin, your skin cells can actually produce vitamin D, so getting sunlight will allow you to avoid vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, plenty of dietary supplements contain vitamin D. Other dietary supplements contain testosterone derivatives to counteract the testosterone reducing effects of vitamin D deficiency.

Vegetable diets give you more endurance.

Countless studies have shown that meat-eaters do not have as much endurance as people who eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetable diets help you stay in shape, so that you are able to do workouts for a longer period. Sexual intercourse counts as working out because your heart beats more rapidly, you start burning calories, your metabolism goes up, and you stretch and move many of your muscles. Therefore, it is no surprise that people often report experiencing higher levels of sexual stamina after becoming a vegan or vegetarian.

The reality is that vegans and vegetarians are only going to be better at sex if they still find creative ways of maintaining a well-balanced diet. Anyone who maintains a good diet will likely have a good sex life. High fruit and vegetable intake does seem to have many sexual benefits, so vegans and vegetarians do have a higher chance of being better at sex.

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