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BADDASS Ignite – Is it as good as it claims?

by Joe Swanson
BADDASS Ignite - Is it as good as it claims?

What happens when we begin to age and we feel ourselves falling apart and suddenly realize we have no control? Once something starts to change, everything seems to escalate and before you know it that youthful man we used to be has vanished!

There is a way you can prevent this from happening so rapidly. Today we are lucky to have all kinds of products available to us that will assist our needs as we get older.

Supplements are designed to offer a pharmaceutical alternative to fixing any issues you may experience or encounter. In our reviews you will find the facts and information with regards to the ingredients, natural herbs and their effects that are to help you achieve the results you desire.

The product

BADDASS Ignite - Ingredients

If you are hoping to increase testosterone within the system, for whatever reason then Baddass Ignite is one of the products that promises to help compensate any type of deficiency that you may experience as a result of a low male hormone production.

By restoring testosterone, you should notice a significant increase in energy, bit in the gym and in the bedroom! If it’s bigger muscles that you want – then it is testosterone that you need!

Baddass ignite also claims that if you were to consume their product then you will feel great both physically and mentally.


Muscle strength

Within each capsule you will find a quality combination of herbs that work really well together such as: Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium, Velvet Deer Antler, Maca root and Black Cohosh.

As you can see, this is a stimulant-free plant based supplement that is 100% safe to use and does not cause any inconvenient side effects.

The fruit extract Tribulus Terrestris is what helps to generate the production of testosterone. It also increases energy levels and stamina.

The herbal extract Epimedium which is also known as ‘Horny Goat Weed’ is mainly used to increase fertility and boost the libido. By opening the blood vessels and making them wider, this means that the blood can circulate better than usual and so the male erection is drastically affected.

Another potent ingredient is the Maca Root, which is a herb found in South America that improves the immune system resulting in excelling in athletic performance.

Lastly, Black Cohosh relaxes the muscles and Velvet Deer Antler acts as an antioxidant.


At a high-priced product of $69.99 – this cost of a one moths supply may put people off their purchase. It doesn’t matter how well this supplement works if you cannot afford to continue to buy it then you must simply find yourself a more affordable alternative.

Each bottle contains only sixty capsules and the recommended daily allowance is two per serving.


Let’s not beat about the bush, this is a top quality product! But it is not worth the price when you can find the leading brand selling their supplement Xtreme Testosterone for a much better price of $19.95 – it is no competition when making a decision.


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