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Before You Hit the Gym, Read These Top 9 Fitness Tips First

by Supplement View Staff
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There is a lot about fitness that every man should learn. Having this basic knowledge is making the job half done when it comes to your fitness goals. If you’ve been to the gym but have slow progress, this one’s for you. Or if you’re still planning your way through, these basics may be of big help for you.

1. Feed yourself the right way

Every fitness trainer knows the way to a fit body begins in your stomach. You should have a well-nourished body to help you last in your fitness regime. If not, you may end up injuring yourself or just plainly give up. Nourishment is the secret key to achieving success on the fitness path.

Because food is your body’s main fuel, you should aim for the right ones, which include a variety of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. Eating three meals a day is also not enough when you hit the gym. Instead, go for five meals a day. Three big meals and two small meals in between them, about every three hours. This helps stimulate your metabolism. As your activity decreases at the end of the day, you should also decrease the portion of what you eat.

Planning your meals for the day is the best strategy to ensure you’re eating healthy and that your body is getting the right nourishment it needs.

2. Eat with purpose

fit guy having a salad post workoutEvery time you eat, see to it that you’re getting enough nutrition from it. Your eating habits should be geared towards fueling your workouts. When a portion of food doesn’t contain what your body needs, you might as well avoid it. Don’t waste your bucks on foods you don’t need.

Check labels when purchasing canned or packaged foods. Also, avoid eating empty calories that only make your fitness goals more challenging.

3. Know the muscle building basics

Building muscles is not just going to the gym and doing activities that strengthen them. Building muscles starts by preparing your body for it. You need to consume more calories and complete protein as they’re the building blocks for bigger muscles. Next, emphasize on your form. Go for compound movements and weight training at least four times a week. Try not to go beyond this routine. Your muscles need to take some rest for recovery and for new muscle tissues to grow.

4. Get your body flexible

Getting a flexible body is another strategy to grow your muscles fast. Don’t think that flexibility exercises are only for women. Flexibility is as much important as lifting weights. Flexibility can decrease your chances of injury and can help you move with ease. Aside from that, it’s easier for your muscles to relax and reduce stress when they’re flexible.

To be flexible, you can stretch your body gently before and after every workout. For better results, yoga and pilates classes are the best in achieving flexibility. They not only help with your flexibility but in strengthening your muscles too. Pilates and yoga’s focus are on your core muscles, which keep you strong and balanced. It would be easier to work on your hamstrings, shoulders, and lower back when they’re flexible.

5. Work your full range of motion

Stretch yourself and give your all. Make use of your body’s full range of motion in every exercise. As you increase the number of reps, your muscles do more work, which breaks down more tissue. This may result in sore muscles after your workout, but you can heal your body fast by hydrating yourself and eating specific foods that are most effective for your body’s recovery.

6. Take time

Men have normally competitive spirits. This is good but you don’t have to rush things. Don’t perform all your exercises at a fast pace, because at times, faster doesn’t mean better. Getting more things done in a small amount of time may not work for you. It’s ideal to lift weights more slowly, like 10 seconds in total. This move increases the length of time your tensed muscles are in while allowing more blood flow. This is one strategy of developing and increasing muscle mass. You can also do your own thing in finding the right way to bigger muscles.

7. Try New Things

yogi doing advanced poseSticking to routines for a time is good to keep your body engaged and better adjusted. But trying other forms of exercises wouldn’t hurt too. In fact, routines that work on different parts of your body help specific muscle group. This is where yoga or pilates come into the picture. Others also alternate with some cardio exercises like running, cycling, or swimming.

8. Consider the holistic approach

More and more people are drawn to a holistic approach to fitness. The holistic approach is not only geared towards physical fitness but also to other areas of oneself including the mental, emotional, and spiritual. What makes women better than men when it comes to fitness is their openness to a holistic approach.

According to studies, holistic approach can help reduce your stress levels. Tai Chi, in particular, is said to help improve bone health. Since the holistic approach helps you get more in tune with your body, the process increases your spiritual connection too, making you more aware of what’s going on inside and outside of you.

Taking advantage of some type of holistic approach may work best for you. There’s no harm in trying.

9. Take time outs

Your body needs time to heal sore muscles and repair itself. This only happens when you take breaks from your workouts. Try to take breaks once in every two or three consecutive days of workout. Failing to take your body’s needed rest is likely to lead to burnout. It may also lead your brain into thinking that workouts are dreadful.

Make sure to hydrate yourself during your days off and avoid strenuous activities. Doing flexibility workouts on your rest days also helps with your circulation. A walk at sunrise or sunset is also a good way to relax your mind and body. Basically, there are lots of things you can do during your day of rest. Just make sure what you do contributes to your workout and fitness goals.

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