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Cannabidoil and Your Health-Can This Medicinal Oil Benefit You?

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The use of marijuana both in smoking, oils, and vaporizing continues to become more and more mainstream as we continue to find out more about it. This is because along with the chemical that causes the “high” known as THC, cannabis contains thousands of other compounds, some of which can positively affect our health.

Cannabidoil, otherwise known as CBD, is one of dozens of compounds found in marijuana which fall into a class called cannabinoids. These compounds have shown promise as treatment options for many patients in various areas of medicine due to how many various ailments they can effectively treat.

These include antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, antipsychotic among others. This means that the applications of CBD can almost be limitless as we continue to discover to this day.

What Can CBD Do for My Overall Health?

1. Reduces Anxiety

Most people first think of the stress reliving aspects of marijuana when it is mentioned, and for good reason. It is not just effective for people suffering from your average everyday anxiety problems, as it can help treat much more serious cases of mental issues as well.

These oils have shown promise even in extreme cases and patients suffering from severe mental illness such as in the case of schizophrenics and people suffering from mania.

Not only have patients shown reduce anxiety under the influence of this drug, but studies have shown that these effects persist afterwards as well. They have demonstrated that  patients who regularly consume CBDs have lower levels of anxiety in general, while medicated or not.

2Promising Cancer Fighter

One of the most exciting and promising ideas behind the use of CBD and other oils derived from cannabis is their potential in fighting cancer. These compounds have shown that they actually have the ability to selective inhibit the growth of various forms of cancer cells.

This means that not only are these compounds effective in getting rid of these bad cancer causing cells, that at the same time they do not kill off neighboring healthy cells. This is a major problem in certain treatments such as in chemotherapy where not only are the cancerous cells killed off, but a lot of healthy tissue as well, due to collateral damage.

Another promising aspect to this treatment is that it shows promise as something that can be used to treat cancer in the long term. This is because these compounds found in CBD are not toxic to the body, which means they can be used for years. This continued use of the drug not only can help to kill off the cancer in question, but prevents it from metastasizing and infecting other regions of the body.

3Reduces Your Chance of Getting Diabetes

Diabetes is discussed so often in health and science to the point where it probably makes you want to vomit. It is a problem that many of us face, and can lead to other more serious health problems as well.

CBD can potentially be a great tool in fighting diabetes based on testing performed in the lab. Testing has shown that CBDs can significantly lower the incidence of diabetes in mice, which shows plenty of promise in humans.

This is believed to be linked with the improved functioning and better health of the pancreas due to the presence of these CBDs. Studies show that these compounds can reduce the potential of insulin resistance which is a major factor in developing type 2 diabetes.

In addition, users of CBDs were shown to have slimmer waistlines on average. Accumulation of fat around the waist and stomach are two huge risk factors for developing diabetes, which CBD helps to prevent as well.

4. Potential in Treating Seizures and Epilepsy

CBD oil has also shown promise in its ability to help those who suffer from seizures and epilepsy. These diseases and conditions come from having an over active or disrupted nervous system, which CBD can help to regulate.

This compound has shown to dramatically decrease the frequency of seizures in children and adults, while allowing the patients fuller, longer nights of sleep. This in turn improved their mood, and increased their energy levels.

All in all, it seems like CBD along with other compounds found within cannabis have great potential when it comes to treatment.

It is worth noting however that marijuana is still federally listed as a schedule I drug meaning it has no medicinal value, and is illegal under federal law. Before you go out looking to buy some, make sure it is legal to do so in your home state or country.

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