The Power Of Love

Sexual Advice For Men

Sex is a very powerful connection among human beings. It has the power to create as well as destroy families. Sexual intercourse should be treated with a lot of respect because of the influence and impact it can have on one’s life. Sexual experiences and encounters are all life changing as part of your body, …

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Health diet

Male Sexual Health

Health is important not only for sex but for a fruitful long life. In this world it is survival of the fittest. You should take care of your body, soul and mind in order to obtain proper health. A healthy lifestyle is needed if you want to perform at an optimum level in all things. …

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Improve Sexual Stamina

Sexual Stamina is referred to the length of time a man can make love for A man suppose to be able to control himself and last as long as he wants to. Some women, however, do have a gift where they can make their husband ejaculate when they want. But that is another story. Many …

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couple attachment beneath their skin

Sexual Tips For Men

I would say to my kids that making love involves two people who have a mutual consciousness of unbounded unity. Two people who want to become one. It involves the passionate, emotional connection and affection between you and that person. It is giving your body to a person who you truly love and trust. It …

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