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Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Is it the real deal?

by Joe Swanson
Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Is it the real deal?

Damiana Leaf Extract Inquiry

Damiana Leaf properties are commonly used as ingredients in today’s supplement marketplace. It is promoted as a natural solution to a large number of health issues. It is peddled as an agent which increases testosterone synthesis; supports the health of the reproductive system; improves sexual function.Manufacturers claim that Damiana works to streamline digestion; boost mood; and support the nervous system. It may be bought as a single ingredient supplement or in a wide variety of products for any number of health goals.This botanical answer is retailed across the world in retail shops and across the web on tons of websites. This is an inquiry into the claims of these supplement distributors and review the truth. Clinical trials which follow is to help bring the truth to light.

Damiana Leaf Extract Home and Handles

Improves sexual functionThis botanical extract is taken from a shrub that is indigenous to southwestern portions of North America; Mexico; the Central and South America; and the Caribbean; The Mayan culture prepared this plant to boost the libido and to aid with balance loss. Damiana was first brought to the U.S. for marketing in approximately 1870. It was merchandised for enhancing the health of urinary tract system health and to facilitate reproduction.

Shortly after its introduction, Damiana was added to a volume known as the National Formulary. It never earned it way into the U.S. Pharmacopeia. A handful of the monikers that it gained along the way include Turnerae Diffusae Folium;Turnerae diffusae herba; Turnera microphyllia; Aphrodisiaca; Feuille de Damiana; Feuille de Damiane; Herba de la Pastora; Mizibcoc; Old Woman’s Broom; Oreganillo; Rosemary; Thé Bourrique; and Turnera diffusa.

Damiana Leaf Extract Purposes

The extract of this leaf has been confirmed as a useful treatment for Damiana Leaf Extract Purposesvarious forms of sexual dysfunction. Scientists further revealed that it lessens the time required for men between intercourse sessions and can heighten the ability to achieve an orgasm in both sexes. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia records Damiana extract as being an effective remedy for forms of depression and anxiousness related to impudence. It goes on to state that it has a capability to regulate digestion. Scientists have discovered that it may decrease incidences of nausea and specific forms of constipation.

This data inspired a number of global trials in which Damiana leaf acted to lessen most kinds of nausea and anxiety. Anintriguing fact is that this component is frequently incorporated into herbal hookah blends. It creates actions akin to that of cannabinoids, but its results are not as powerful. Breathing any form of smoke can potentially be carcinogenic; however, research investigating this finding continues.

Damiana Leaf Extract Credits and Debits

Damiana Leaf Extract Credits

This plant compound is quite easy to find.

There is scientific data available about this herb and they are ongoing.

This product is offered at a fair price.

Damiana Leaf Extract Debits

Further testing is required concerning its actions.

Those nursing or pregnant should never consume it without medical supervision.

Damiana Leaf Extract Purchase Tips

Consumers should look into the company’s reputation.

No purchase should be made without a return policy.

Damiana Leaf Extract End Note

Damiana is validatedas an effective solution for many disorders.

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