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Everything You Ought To Know About Penis Health

by David Johnson

When people hear about penis health, they immediately feel it has to do with sexually transmitted diseases or erectile dysfunction. Although these conditions can affect the health of your penis, it’s much more than that.

So many things can affect the health of your penis, your hygiene inclusive. Lifestyle changes and underlying health conditions can affect your penile health.

You can keep your penile health in good condition by practicing certain steps.


Things That Affect Your Penile Health


Many things can affect your ability to urinate, get an erection, and even your fertility. To keep your penis healthy, and in proper condition, you need to be certain that you don’t have any STIs.

The following can affect your penile health:




With age comes certain health conditions like erectile dysfunction, and other sexual related problems, this is because there is a decline in your testosterone level, so it can affect how often you have an erection and how long you can maintain it.




Certain drugs can increase your risk of developing erectile dysfunction. You should consult your doctor immediately if you feel any drug is affecting your erection or causing you any other sexual dysfunction.


Hormone Levels


Erectile dysfunction can be a result of hormonal imbalance in the body, such as extremely high or low testosterone levels. There are so many factors that can cause a decline in your testosterone levels.




If you feel like having unprotected sex, you need to be 100% certain that you and your partner are free from any sexual infection, and ensure you get tested frequently for STIs. Or, you can decide to be in a monogamous relationship, and be sure your partner keeps up to their end of the bargain.

If you can’t keep up with any of these, then you need to use a condom correctly for every time you have sex, because this is the only way you can be sure of staying safe.

Engaging in rough sex without enough lubricant can cause harm to the skin of your penis. And bending your erect penis can cause a fracture in your penis.




Keeping your hygiene top-notch is very important for not just your penile health, but your overall health as well. For every time you bathe, ensure that you properly wash your penis and groin area.

When you don’t properly wash your penis, it would result in a buildup of smegma, and this can cause irritation or even inflammation to your skin. Smegma can be very uncomfortable, and can sometimes lead to Balanitis, and this would cause the head of your penis to be inflamed.


General Tips for Your Penis


You can’t only take care of your penis and leave the rest of your body out. It requires a holistic approach, and as such you need to care for your whole body, to ensure the health of your penis. This is most important because there are lots of medical conditions that can affect your penis and cause you to have infertility.


Eat A Balanced Diet


You need to eat meals with the right amount of nutrients to prevent yourself from developing health conditions like diabetes, and this can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Studies have shown that those who regularly consume vegetables and fruits have a lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Certain foods can increase the production of testosterone in your body, such as avocado and spinach.


Maintain A Healthy Weight


Keeping a healthy weight will reduce your chances of developing heart diseases, and high cholesterol, both of which can hurt your penile health.


Avoid Tobacco


Those who smoke cigarettes regularly have a very high chance of developing erectile dysfunction.

Research has shown that the reason behind this is because too much intake of tobacco interferes with your heart’s functionality and this can result in erectile dysfunction. Also, smoking can cause a decline in your fertility level.


How to Wash Your Penis


When washing your penis do not make use of very hot water, neither should you use harsh soaps. Wash your pubic area with room temperature water and mild soap, and do not scrub the area too hard, so it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Ensure that you thoroughly wash the skin that surrounds the penis, and your thighs, because sweat can form there.

Always wash the shaft of your penis, and if you have a foreskin, move it back slowly and wash it.

Lastly, make sure you wash in between your two butt cheeks. And don’t forget to wash your anus as well.

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