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Exuviance Review: Is it a hoax?

by Joe Swanson
Exuviance Review: Is it a hoax?

Exuviance Investigation

Drs. Yu and Van Scott, who are skin care specialists, helped develop of the Exuviance line of formulas. This manufacturer is widely respected in the field of dermatology and therefore the entire skin care industry. NeoStrata is hailed as leaders in the cosmetic product industry of skin care. NeoStrata discovered the miraculous rejuvenating powers of alpha hydroxy and the first glycolic peel was launched for the public by this company. These formulas have been through clinical trials and proven effective. They state that all of the products in this line are formulated reverse the signs of premature aging such as fine lines and prevent the development of discolorations.

Exuviance Properties and Actions

Exuviance PropertiesVitamin A is actually an entire group of retinoids that offer numerous skin benefits. It can reduce damage from the sun, if it is applied prior to exposure. Scientists have demonstrated their capacity to smooth the complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, and reverse the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin E is one of the most popular skin care ingredients in the world. It protects the skin from losing vital moisture while actually rehydrating it. It also offers tons of free radical hunters that can shield skin cells from oxidative damage from environmental factors including the sun. Asorbic acid added to skin care products is generally from vitamin C. It has shown the abilities to naturally purify and deeply exfoliate skin as well as repair skin which is sun or photo damaged. Vitis vinifera is better known as grape seed extract and it possesses AHA or alpha hydroxy acids.

Premature aging

It is said to exfoliate dead skin cells while quenching the new healthy skin hiding below and lighten dark marks. Alpha hydroxy acids are also an ingredient which is often found in over the counter and prescribed skin care formulas. These sugar acids are extracted from fruit and milk. It sloths away managed skin cells creating a path for fresh skin cells to shine. Glycerin has been shown to be extremely hydrating and to assist in maintaining the moisture of skin cells. It is categorized as a humectant due to the fact that it draws water from the environment and imbues it into skin cells. This ability has made glycerin a widely used ingredient in skin care recipes.

Exuviance Assets and Deficits

Exuviance Assets

There are scientific studies concerning the individual compounds in this product.

There is excellent consumer feedback for these skin lightener solutions.

A sun protectant is included in formulas within the Exuviance line.

Two of the team members for the design of these solution are professional dermatologists.

Exuviance Deficits

No studies involving the post market product are available.

There is only one month for consumers to ask for a refund.

NeoStrata asks that customers call for preauthorization before returning products and they will refuse any product has been used and/or open.

Exuviance is one of the more expensive lines of skin lightening solutions.

Many users have posted complains about the smell of these products.


Both amazon.com and neostrata.com offer these products. They are $25 to $150 for individual formulas and start at $200 for complete skin care kits. Those who order from the official site will receive perks.

Last Vote

This is not only an extremely expensive decision with strict conditions upon the refund policy, but contains harsh chemicals. There are gentler and less expensive options available on the market.

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