Is Forskolin 1020 Just Another Fad Diet Pill?

Is Forskolin 1020 Just Another Fad Diet Pill?

Throughout the years dieting and weight loss has largely been based on marketing trends and not on scientific evidence. When everyone seems to be using it, buying it, and recommending it to you it seems like a no brainer to just follow the crowd. We are here to review and debunk these fads that have no medical evidence to support their sometimes outlandish claims like, “FAST RESULTS” “MELT FAT” “BURN CALORIES”. We’ve heard it all before, so it is time to look past those claims and get to the heart of what is inside the product and how it actually works to either help you lose weight or empty your savings account.

The Product Breakdown

Weight loss supplement

Forskolin 1020 is made from all-natural ingredients. The name Forskolin comes from the product’s main weight loss ingredient forskohlii. Forskohlii comes from this ancient plant with the much longer name Coleus Forskohlii. It is native to the jungles of India and has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine. Dr Oz and other pharmaceutical companies claim that the Forskohlii can lower your body weight by converting all of the fat in your body into energy you can use to then be more active and workout. It is full of antioxidants that will fight off free radicals that cause cellular damage over time as they are exposed in the body.

The Problem—

No one really knows for sure if this plant can actually help users burn fat and turn it all into energy. Sounds like some sorcery to me. What we do know of the plant is that it can help with other health issues like high blood pressure, chest pain, cancer, and other cardiovascular related problems. There are no clinical studies only the following breakdown of how it works as told by the company….

How does it work?

Ingredients of Forskolin

The supplement activates an enzyme that helps to produce a biochemical agent that will in turn

boost the metabolism to help you better digest your food and get the maximum nutrients and energy instead of having excess calories stored up as fat. Another scientific processes the company describes is the act of cAMP stimulating protein kinase production. This then causes lipase to break down the fat in your body and put it back into the blood stream. Interesting, but there is not much else out there on the internet to back up this rather complex explanation that is used to isolate customers while sounding fancy.

How much does the product cost?

They offer bulk deals to try and subsidize the pricing, but the product is still very expensive.

3 bottles = $97 or $32 per bottle

Before trying Forskolin 1020….

Just remember that once you break the seal on the bottle you can no longer return the product and get your money back. Make sure you really want to take the risk on this fad started by Dr Oz and perpetuated by this company before you buy. The good news about this product is that it is relatively safe and doesn’t have tons of caffeine or ephedra like substances in it.