Grapefruit Juice and Penis Enlargement: Does it Work?

Grapefruit Juice and Penis Enlargement: Does it Work?

Grapefruit Juice and Penis Enlargement

Sounds hilarious even writing that title, but could a tall glass of grapefruit juice actually improve the size of your penis? I mean, could this really be possible? I’ve seen so much on the web about guys using grapefruit juice to increase their penis size. Really? A juice? If it were that easy I’m sure we’d have a shortage of grapefruits by now, but still … I had to look into this for myself of course. I always need to look into things first hand to see if there is any sort of validity to it. Plus I just wonder why someone would say this in the first place if it weren’t true.

I do know that foods and such can be used as aphrodisiacs. That’s been proven and I believe it, but a juice? Growing your penis? I started my research skeptically and with much humor, knowing that most likely I would debunk this crazy myth.

Surprisingly, though, I did find some interesting facts when I went into a frenetic research about this. First of all, no food or drink can make a penis bigger. That’s not true. But what I did find is that some foods and drinks can assist in the absorption of nutrients and grapefruit does happen to be one of these foods/juices. Which means that grapefruit juice will help you absorb the ingredients in a male enhancement supplement for better results.

Grapefruit juice-The fruitBut grapefruit alone? That’s not going to make your penis start to magically grow. Can you imagine if that worked? Seriously. Anyway, my entire point with this is that grapefruit can assist in penis enlargement and improve your results with a supplement. You still need to be taking a male enhancement pill like FCK Power or something similar in order to see any increase in size, but the grapefruit can help these pills absorb better into your system. And grapefruit is really good for you overall as a digestive aid and may even help with blood circulation, so why not try it along with your supplements and see if it has any validity? I haven’t personally tried this yet, but would love to hear from you if you try it and feel that it has had some sort of effect on the results you’ve experienced with your supplements.

Grapefruitjuice-Helps in absorptionAlso, any foods and juices that help with blood circulation are going to help you with your sex life as well. Since you need good blood flow to develop a good erection, any foods that help with this are going to give you better erections and stamina in bed. So you can always add some healthy foods to your diet that are meant to increase blood flow if you want a little added increase in your stamina and ability to get a good quality and lasting erection going.

Still though, overall, if you want incredible results with penis enlargement, stick to the supplements, pumps, and extenders, while also using these natural aids on the side. Then you’ll be guaranteed to get some amazing results!