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How Effective Is Muscletech Test HD?

by supplementview

About Muscletech Test HD

Test HD is a muscle-building supplement manufactured by Muscletech. This product features ingredients that aren’t concealed in a proprietary blend. With this, customers can fully see the components present in its formulation, which is great because this allows customers to make an informed decision prior to making a purchase.

What Components Are Involved?

Basically, Test HD is a product developed to increase a man’s testosterone levels. It involves several of the typically utilized components in many testosterone-boosting supplements. Below are the ingredients present in Test HD’s formula:

Tribulus Terrestris – it’s been significantly researched as a solution for erectile dysfunction. In a study conducted on primates and rodents, this ingredient has shown to boost sex hormones, in which testosterone augmented by 25 percent in rats and by 52 percent in primates. However, it’s not certain if this works the same way with humans. Test HD contains 250 mg of Tribulus Terrestris.

Shilajit – this ingredient is said to increase sperm count in men who are sterile. Test HD has 100 mg of this component.

Boron citrate – this component has been studied on rats where it’s been shown to boost testosterone and testicular boron levels. It’s also been shown that great amount of this ingredient reduced sterility. However, it’s uncertain if this works the same way with humans.

Broccoli powder – this component helps avoid distended prostate. Proper dose of this ingredient is dependent on the consumer’s age, weight, and medical state. Test HD has 50 mg of this ingredient.

Stinging nettle – it has substances that attach sex hormones so that they help relieve the symptoms of prostate cancer. Test HD has 50 mg of this ingredient.

Mucuna pruriens – it boosts the quality of semen and controls the production of steroid hormones. It is said that sperm count and the quality of sperm got better after this was used. Test HD has 50 mg of this component.

Customer Reviews

There are many positive feedbacks found on Test HD. On BodyBuilding.com, it has a rating of 10 out of 10, which indicates complete satisfaction among customers. As of this writing, there are only four feedbacks on the site, but all of these are positive. The reviews available mostly appreciated the increase in energy they felt with this supplement. They also appreciate that Test HD’s dosage is only 2 capsules per day unlike other supplements that make them take 5-6 capsules. Its reasonable pricing is also appreciated.

Is it Worth It?

A bottle of Test HD, which has 90 caplets, has a price of $60. The company behind Test HD suggests not going more than 2 caplets each day. With this, one bottle of this supplement can last for up to 45 days.

Where to Purchase?

Test HD is widely accessible in several third-party websites, which are as follows:

Store                         Price                  Shipping                   Buy Now
eSupplements.com     $35.95                 Free                       Buy Now
BodyBuilding.com       $53.89                $3.99                      Buy Now
am                            $34.73                $3.99                       Buy Now

Final Verdict

Moreover, several of the components in Test HD are clinically proven to increase testosterone levels or sperm count. On the other hand, some of the components here, like boron citrate and mucuna pruriens, may not be in sufficient doses to be effectual. It’s also good that most of the reviews we’ve found online are positive, which indicate that Test HD is a decent fitness supplement. Besides, not only does it increase your physical performance when working out, it also improves your sexual functions and even claims to help with a man’s fertility by increasing his sperm count and motility. For men who suspect that they have low testosterone levels, it is vital that they consult a doctor to get a diagnosis and to know whether Test HD is an ideal treatment for them or not.

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