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How Effective Is Platinum 100% Betaine?

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Platinum 100% Betaine Overview

Platinum 100% Betaine is a workout supplement that promises to provide a strong betaine dose for the purpose of facilitating muscle growth. Platinum 100% Betaine is also claimed to deliver nitrates into the body to establish stamina when working out. The mixture of betaine and nitrate is said to make Platinum 100% Betaine a distinctive supplement in the fitness industry.

When it comes to evaluating supplements, it’s important to base your assessment in these factors: components, efficiency, cost, and adverse reactions.

According to MuscleTech’s official site, Platinum 100% Betaine is a cutting-edge betaine formulation thus far. Also, this supplement claims to have the specific dosage needed in order to develop 3.75 pounds of muscles within a 6-week period.

Even though betaine is not as well-known as creatine or protein in the fitness and bodybuilding world, it is considered to be on its way to be widely recognized. Also, MuscleTech developed this product to be distinctive enough in the world of workouts for fitness and bodybuilding goals.

Read on to know more about this supplement and whether it contains the right ingredients in suitable doses to generate notable physical improvements.

How Efficient Is Betaine as a Component?

shutterstock_399419851In its formulation, said product contains 2 forms of betaine – betaine anhydrous and betaine nitrate.

The former is the frequently utilized betaine. Those who consumed this before a strength training routine augmented their hormone profiles, according to a research performed in 2013. In another study, men who took betaine for a 2-week period were able to do more squats compared to those who did not.

Based on the advertisements promoting Platinum 100% Betaine, betaine nitrate is used in this supplement. Basically, it is aimed for increasing muscle pumps through the generation of nitric oxides.

Moreover, it has been shown that betaine can serve as an element that can increase the production of nitric oxide. On the other hand, results demonstrated that it didn’t have an impact on the nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream.

Since betaine does not have an impact on the levels of nitric oxide, Platinum 100% Betaine’s company included nitrate to this supplement. Basically, nitrate decreases blood pressure and boost your stamina during workouts.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

shutterstock_507146413WedMD said that betaine is a harmless component. If ever there are adverse manifestations, the most usual ones are nausea and diarrhea, but generally the side effects are not serious. Also, these reactions don’t happen to all consumers. The visibility of such effects varies from person to person. Thus, this shouldn’t stop you from trying Platinum 100% Betaine.

Product Cost

As of this writing, Platinum 100% Betaine is only available for purchase through eSupplements.com. It’s reasonably priced at $16.95, quite cheap actually, and also offers a 100% refund policy in the case you’re unhappy with the results. This way, customers can still have their money back.

Proper Use of Platinum 100% Betaine

The suggested every day serving for this supplement is two capsules per day with water. There aren’t any details as to the precise guidelines on when to take these doses. Generally, it’s ideal to consume such supplements before meals or prior a workout.

Bear in mind that taking Platinum 100% Betaine means you have to lift weights. Betaine is a component for muscle growth and it won’t function as one if your muscles aren’t worked.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Overall, Platinum 100% Betaine seems to be a great betaine supplement for facilitating muscle development to go alongside with your weightlifting efforts. Plus, this specific product also delivers nitrates for the purpose of securing stamina when you’re working out. This way, you’re able to work for a longer period of time, allowing you to see optimal results in your body at a much faster rate, too. The collaboroation of betaine and nitrate also makes Platinum 100% Betaine highly unique from other betaine fitness products. For these reasons, Platinum 100% Betaine is surely a must-try especially if you’re looking to have muscle gains and want to increase your muscle recovery time.

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