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How Having Forced Sex Can Be A Death Sentence To Your Relationship

by Supplement View Staff
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Intimate relationships and sexual intercourse

Sex is one of the biggest factors that determine the stability of a relationship/marriage. Furthermore, the study shows that frequent sexual intercourse can improve the overall health of a person. This shows that sex is not only important for having fun or reproduction, but it’s also equally important for a healthy life.

But, the sad part is that there are plenty of cases of an abusive relationship. In general, the average society just views rapes and public sexual harassment as serious matters, but not forced sex in intimate relationships.

An awesome sex life can uplift the quality of life of a person, but a forced sex can degrade the mental health of a person.

Forced sex in intimate relationships is way too common

forced sex rapeAccording to the study, around 1 in 4 women experience sexual harassment in intimate relationships. This is way too common. And, the next study shows that up to 50% of all sexual coercion is associated with intimate partners.

All these reports are the signs that show how common forced sex in an intimate relationship really is, but this issue is not getting much attention from the society. This issue is serious, and it must be dealt seriously as well.

A sickening effect at home

A sexual abuse by an intimate partner not only affects their female partner, but it also costs a lot to the overall society. The study reveals that sexual abuse by intimate partner costs over $5.8 billion in the United States, which include rape, physical assault, and so on.

The women that experience sexual abuse are more likely to face health problems and they are at a higher risk of suicide. And, they are also more prone to depression in comparison to other normal women.

Another big issue that is associated with forced sex is a shame. Women feel ashamed to talk about forced sex with their loved ones because many people in the society feel that there is no chance of forced sex after marriage.

The distress in married life is usually found after forced sex. After all, women will obviously feel insecure if their partners act like rapists.

Effects of forced sex at work

The case of sexual abuse is very serious in the workplace. This is a big issue due to an imbalance in the power, and women have a hard time dealing with this issue. There are even cases of women leaving their jobs due to sexual harassment at their workplace.

Overall, it can be said that the imbalance in power is leading to more and more cases of sexual abuse at the workplace.

In general, who forces a woman into sex?

There are some specific reasons why forced sex takes place. This is usually seen when there is a relational dysfunction along with other violence. Women must be careful when they experience psychological or verbal abuse by their boss, co-worker, or their partner.

The men who are involved in physical and verbal abuse are more likely to be involved in forcing women into sex. The next major factor is the use of alcohol and recreational drugs. The men who use them have a higher chance of sexually abusing their partners.

Power is the main culprit

forcibly undressing womanAbraham Lincoln once said, “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. Many men cannot handle power, and they lose their character. Men are very much likely to abuse the power when they are handed with unconditional power, authority, and dominance.

Power is one of the major reasons why evil people act evil. CNN gave a list of powerful men who are consistently involved in sexually harassing women. Most of them are white men. It’s not that the white race is abusive, but it’s because most of the powerful men belonged to the white race.

The powerful men are found harassing women at their workplace, misusing their authority and social power to influence.


After reading this article, I believe you will spread the words about this issue with your friends and society. Besides this problem, there are also cases where both husband and wife lower their sexual frequency due to various causes.

According to the study, one of the major causes of divorce is lower sexual frequency. This is a bad news. However, the good news is that there are foods to increase sexual stamina, which can help you, last longer on the bed with your partner.

And, you can also find various ways to improve your sexual stamina when you search with keywords “How to increase sexual stamina?”

If you or your loved ones have experienced forced sex in intimate relationships, try to get out of it. And, the problem is sex life due to other sexual problems can be solved with you consulting a doctor.

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