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How to Bring Sex Back in a Sexless Relationship

by David Johnson
How to Bring Sex Back in a Sexless Relationship

Here’s a depressing fact – not all happy relationships have a healthy sex life. According to the experts, roughly 10-15% of individuals, age 25-40, have sexless relationships.

Sex can mean a lot of things in a relationship. It can reinforce intimacy, foster closeness, and strengthen the physical bond between couples, but for the most part, sex is merely an activity done by two individuals seeking sexual pleasure. That seems cold, doesn’t it? The simple fact is that sexless relationships exist, and some couples choose to stay together despite the absence of healthy sex life.

How would you define a sexless relationship?

To put it simply, a sexless relationship is a term used to describe a monogamous relationship between two committed individuals that only have sex once a month, or less than 10 times a year. It doesn’t have to be completely devoid of sex, but the rarity of sexual activity in a relationship may be considered sexless.

Sexless relationships are more common among couples that have stayed together for more than a year. For the most part, sex isn’t an issue among new couples, and couples in a sexless relationship likely choose to be together despite the lack of sex because of their deeper affection for one another. For other sexless couples, the reasons for staying together could be influenced by their fear of being alone, or because it’s more convenient for both individuals.

Why do some couples end up having a sexless relationship?

Having a sexless relationship is rarely anyone’s first choice. In the United States, many couples explore their sexual compatibility before entering a committed relationship. As time goes by, couples may develop a committed, but sexless relationship because the relationship lacks sexual attraction between the two individuals. Some couples that stay together long enough to encounter the signs of aging may experience a decline in their sex drive, which discourages them from having sex.

Testosterone levels decline as men get older. Low testosterone levels have a direct impact on a man’s libido. Women also experience a decline in their sex drive, but the decline is often caused by psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and poor body image. Ironically, the lack of sex drive that men experience can directly impact their partner’s libido as well, because of these psychological factors.

Bringing Sex Back on the Table

If the lack of intimacy between you and your partner is caused by a low sex drive and nothing else, then bringing sex back on the table is a lot easier. The effects of low libido can be reversed by properly addressing the root cause of your low sex drive. For most men, the most common cause is low testosterone levels.

Taking premium testosterone supplements can help you regain the youthful energy, performance, and sex drive you once had. Premium testosterone supplements contain ingredients that help increase testosterone production and retention to help you undo the sexual desensitization caused by low testosterone levels. By addressing the root cause of your low libido levels, you can expect to regain your sex drive and introduce sex back into your relationship.

It may take time for you and your partner to get used to having sex again. After all, both of you may have aged since the last time you had sex, and having sex after such a long time may feel like a new experience for both of you. The best way to introduce sex back into your relationship is to be patient and let it happen without forcing it. Eventually, you’ll get your groove back, and both of you can enjoy having a healthier sex life.

For other people, taking a break from sex could build up unrealistic expectations of pleasure and satisfaction, but for sexless couples who are recovering from a dry spell because of low sex drive, nothing extraordinary is expected from each other – and you can capitalize on that. Taking premium testosterone supplements can help you improve your sexual performance. By the time you actually get to have sex again, you’ll be able to surprise your partner by showing her how much you’ve improved in the bedroom!


No one plans on having a sexless relationship, but it can happen to anyone. If you feel that sex is an important part of your relationship, and you want to protect it for as long as you can, you can start by taking testosterone supplements before low testosterone ruins your relationship. Premium testosterone supplements not only help you recover from having low testosterone; it also ensures that your sexual health is protected.

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