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How to Get Your Erections to Reach Their Full Potential

by Supplement View Staff

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and, while it should not be a source of embarrassment, many men still feel ashamed if they are unable to get the erections that they want. Even if you can get erection, the process of aging can prevent it from being as strong or as long lasting as you want int to be. Here is everything you can do to make sure your erections are reaching their full potential.

Pay a Visit to the Gym

You need to have adequate blood flow in order to have a strong erection, but you will not get blood flowing around your pelvis if your heart muscles are not strong enough pump oxygen rich blood to every nook and cranny in your body. As a result of weak heart muscles, you will have weaker erections, so to fix this problem, you should start doing aerobic exercises. Unfortunately, everybody hates cardio workouts, but there are actually a lot more cardio workouts to choose from than you might have thought, so there might be an exercise that you can actually enjoy.

If you hate burpees, then try jumping rope. If you hate kettle bell squats, then try running. Try to stay off the bike. Although the evidence that biking can hurt your sex life is sparse, there is still some anecdotal evidence and scientific reports that suggest that biking will be harmful to your erection. Until scientists can be sure about how biking can affect your sex life, you should try to avoid it if you are interested in getting stronger erections. All of the other cardio workouts also help you increase the nitric oxide levels in your body, which can also help you maintain erections.

Alter Some of Your Dependencies

Some common habits, dependencies, and addictions will end up hurting your sex life. For example, studies show that smoking cigarettes can lead to weaker erections and it is a known cause of erectile dysfunction. Some scientists believe that smoking can actually cause the size of your penis to shrink, which is something that most men want to avoid. Even if it does not shrink, your penile tissue can still become stiff, which prevents it from stretching into a strong and lasting erection. Additionally, smoking causes many other health concerns, including heart problems.

Most of these health concerns can also negatively impact your sex life, so you should consider quitting if you want stronger erections. However, some dependencies and addictions are not so bad for your sex life. For example, studies show that consuming the amount of caffeine usually found in two or three cups of coffee a day can actually help to prevent erectile dysfunction. Therefore, becoming dependent on caffeine will not be the worst thing in the world for your sex life. Caffeine also sometimes gives your metabolism a boost, which can also help to revitalize yourself in bed and with making it easier for your heart to get strong enough to give you an adequate erection.

Stay Healthy

Healthy lifestyle choices can help with your sex life. Problems like diabetes, obesity, and other similar diseases related to your diet can cause infertility and impotence. Therefore, you want to avoid these problems by keeping your weight healthy and stable. Eat the right types of food and engage in consistent physical activity routines. Additionally, you need to make sure that your sleep habits are healthy. Sleep deprivation can trigger or exacerbate diseases like obesity, which can hurt your sex life. Additionally, every night, you should have erections that last a couple of hours. Your brain will give you these erections in order to make sure that all the cells in your penis is well maintained and well nourished.

The oxygen rich blood that flows during an erection will provide any nutrients that you may be lacking. These nighttime erections also make your erectile tissue much more flexible, which will strengthen your erections. However, if you are not experiencing complete and restorative sleep cycles every night, then you might not be able to get the necessary three to five hour erection while you sleep. As a result, the erections that you want to get during intercourse will not be reaching their full potential. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are getting about seven hours of sleep every single night.

Eliminate Anxieties

Nervousness is one of the biggest problems that you face when trying to get a strong erection. If you know that you are prone to getting stressed out, try meditating or doing yoga to relieve some of the tension and anxieties. Additionally, you should consider talking to a mental health professional, especially if you are concerned about mental illnesses including anxiety and depression, which are often causes of erectile dysfunction. A common anxiety that pops up when it comes to sex is the fear of having an unintended pregnancy. Therefore, try to make sure that you and your partner are using the proper forms of birth control.

If you are done reproducing, consider getting vasectomy, about 100% effective when it comes to preventing unintended pregnancies. Another common anxiety often must do with fears around cheating. While you cannot force your partner to remain faithful, you can certainly make sure that you treat your partner with as much respect as possible, which should lower the chances of cheating. You should also make sure that you are remaining faithful to your partner as well. Studies show many people with erectile dysfunction are actually having an affair. The guilt of having an affair can lead to anxieties, which will hurt your erection.

Everyone wants to have a sex life that is fulfilling and satisfying, which means you need to be able to get strong erections that last for a long enough time to keep both you and your partner happy. Unfortunately, as you age, your erections might stop reaching their full potential. Luckily, as long as you stay stress free and healthy, you can ensure that you are able to maintain adequate and lasting erections.

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