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How to Stop Eating Junk Food

by David Johnson
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It is a well-known fact that a lot of people are faced with cravings frequently, even every day. It can be 4 pm and you would still be feeling that afternoon slump. It can bring on a fierce craving for sugar. It might seem false, but the goal of food manufacturers is to create food that will ignite that addiction in people that consume them. They want their products to reach the bliss point, which is the point where the consumer feels optimal pleasure with not too little and not too much fatty, sweet, or salty flavors. These are very difficult combinations to resist as your brain would react identically as it would with drug addictions. While it might seem inevitable to succumb to your cravings at the moment, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure that you keep them in check. These are the major tips to stop eating junk food;


Get more sleep


A lot of people have the habit of staying up all night and not getting the required amount of sleep. A lot of people are indeed caught up in the effects that inadequate sleep has on energy or mood levels. What people don’t know is that not getting enough sleep plays a huge role in your cravings for junk food. One study that was based on sleep revealed that restricting sleep can lead to more hunger and also impact your ability to control the intake of midnight snacks. So, you should hit the bed a little earlier than you usually do if you are fond of sleeping late. Also, ensure that you do not eat anything a few hours before you go to sleep as it could lead to indigestion and also make you less likely to fall or stay asleep.


Work on stress management


Uncontrollable cravings are always backed by an emotional component. It can be that you want to go for the brownie because of its awesome taste or you need an energy boost because your blood sugar is low. But, when stressed by something or upset, you are more likely to go for leftover cookies or grab the Cheetos. You need to look out for how you might be consuming food as a means to procrastinate, distract yourself, or stuff feelings. Ensure that do some gentle exploration and you are compassionate to yourself. You can redirect yourself anytime you are urged to go for food rather than saying what needs to be said or doing what needs to be done.

The following are some of the tools for healthy stress management;



Engaging in creative activities such as painting

Talking to a family member or trusted friend

Practicing deep breathing exercises



Going for a walk or run


You can try any of the above methods and figure out which one best suits you. If you are overwhelmed by your stress, you can talk to a mental health professional or visit your doctor. They can give you the emotional support you need in addition to suggesting healthier, non-food coping, and effective methods.


Eat healthy fats


A very popular nutrition myth is that you will get fat if you consume fat. However, your body needs fat. But, there are different types of fat. You are meant to limit saturated fats and avoid trans fat completely. There are healthy fats that would help reduce cravings and leave you feeling full and they include avocado and nuts. You can keep a handful of nuts to eat in the afternoon.


Shop the perimeter


The grocery store perimeter consists of the fish, meat, dairy, and produce sections. These are the areas where you would find real foods instead of those highly processed foods. If you go to the grocery store for some shopping, ensure you buy your stuff from only these sections. If the food times you are trying to buy has ingredients you cannot pronounce or has too many ingredients, you should avoid it. This is one of the main steps in moving to a whole-food diet.


As time goes on, your palate and body will be used to;




Fresh vegetables


Your cravings for fake foods will be greatly reduced as you will get all the needed nutrients from healthy foods. It might take some time, but in the end, junk food won’t taste good to you.

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