Improve Sexual Performance


Improving your sexual performance is a never ending journey even for the fittest man alive

As a man you must try to satisfy and make your woman feel good. Sexual performance has many categories because a woman and a man can pleasure each other in a number of various ways.The first step to improving your sexual performance is being aware. Aware of where you are who you are with who you are and what you are doing. This is important because it allows you to focus on what is in front of you and not be distracted. Your performance has begun and her panties are soaking wet and you have not even kissed her but just adored her and appreciated the moment.

Secondly, create a setting in with you and her can be very comfortable and enjoy the love making that is about to take place. Set the mood and connect with your mate on all levels possible. Let her feel trusted and that you can trust her. Talk with her and smile and revel in the moment you are sharing with one another. It is important that your lady is feeling safe at all times during the sex and has full awareness as well of what is going on. Involve her in what you are doing and let the bond between you two grow as the oneness intensifies.


Thirdly, you want to make sure there is ample time because the love making should not be rushed or interrupted. Although this may happen, you should always have significant time for love making as it can take a lot of time. Connecting with another human being on a deep level like this is not to be taken lightly and is very time consuming. Sometimes one minute of love making feels like three hours. Time is precious and any time spent making love is time well spent. The time of day does not matter as love does not sleep. Love is always loving.

Fourthly, there are proper foods to eat and exercises that can boost your energy levels and help increase your endurance and stamina in bed. Fruits and Vegetables provides the body with quality nutrients for high level performance in all things including sexual intercourse. Physical activity outside of sex would help improve your sexual performance. Yoga for example is a great way to increase flexibility and balance which is needed in some sexual positions that can be disturbingly heavenly. There are supplements such as Sexual Overdrive and Marathon Man Maca 1000 which work in the body and mind to increase stamina and sex drive. Making love should be natural and you should not have to trick your body into having sex by feeding it tablets for sexual improvement. Although, these supplements may help at the point in time and help you maybe last a couple hours longer than usual, the supplement effect eventually fades. You do not want to become dependent on these supplements.

Stop reading this article and go make love to your woman, to be continued.