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Improve Sexual Stamina

by Joe Swanson

Sexual Stamina is referred to the length of time a man can make love for

A man suppose to be able to control himself and last as long as he wants to. Some women, however, do have a gift where they can make their husband ejaculate when they want. But that is another story. Many things influence you sexual stamina. Health is a obvious factor that has a direct impact on your sexual stamina. You would be able to have sex for a longer time if you have a good endurance. You can build up your endurance outside the bedroom by running and getting fit. You would be able to have sex for longer because your body can handle that amount of energy exertion. Long sexual experiences are not easy and take a lot of power. Sex may feel like a workout. Get fit and healthy to improve your sexual stamina. Eat the proper foods and exercise regularly for better stamina. Proper food consist of fruits and vegetables and organic, stay away from junk food and processed foods. Eating well benefits you on so many levels of life it is hard to even explain. Your entire being would become better and your sexual stamina would increase. Sometimes your sexual stamina may be short because of what you put into your body. If you want the best from your body you must feed it the best. It is simple.

Not all women like a marathon man in bed and like hours and hours of sex

Talk to your wife about it and she may not even have a problem with your sexual stamina. So make sure you know yourself before you try a bunch of drastic unhealthy things to improve your sexual stamina. If you are unable to perform sex for long try using other parts of your body. Your sexual stamina should not only consider the time your penis is in the vagina. Sex is a lot more than that and the sexual connection can continue. You would be amazed by the sensations you may feel when doing this. Four-play for long and tease her in the build up before the insertion. All this is part of sex. You can last really long in bed even before using your erection. You have to be very understandable and know that it is possible for you to have sexual stamina problems. Your next step should not be to sulk and cry about it but find a way to still continue making love. If you allow it to bother you it may lead to stress and depression which can cause even more negative un-wanted sexual side-effects.

Not being able to have the type of sex you want is a frustrating thing. Try taking a pause during sex so you can allow the blood flow to go in the other direction from the penis. This can make you last longer.

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