Nitric Max Muscle – How well does this product work?

    Nitric Max Muscle - How well does this product work?

    It is essential to find a supplement that functions and does so safely. There is nothing worse than wasting time, effort and money on a ‘dud’ for placebo. You want the potent herbs within a formula that will help you achieve your goals and to not be ripped off. The reviews we have taken the time to make compare the products of today to save you the energy of looking through and trying remedy after remedy to find the one that is perfect. You can trust us because the information we provide is form results of clinical trials and thorough research.

    What is the product’s purpose?Bigger muscle

    Designed for male adults above the age of 18 who wish to enhance their workout performance is a bodybuilding supplement that uses all-natural ingredients is Nitric Max Muscle. This product increases the production of nitric oxide as well as supplying substantial nutrients to the body which helps you to optimize strength and thus grow bigger and leaner muscles.

    If you wish to gain well-sculpted physique, it may have become apparent that working out at the gym just isn’t enough. This pre-workout will provide the gas (nitric oxide) that the body needs to fuel muscles and allow you to pump harder and longer than before! When the muscles receive the atoms of nitrogen and oxygen (the essential nutrients required) you will notice your body change in no time at all!

    All-natural ingredients means that you gain optimized and safe results risk free of side effects.

    FormulaNitric Max Muscle - Formula

    Firstly, please note that if you have a medical condition that you should seek advice from your medical practitioner before the consumption of this product. Likewise,if you are taking any other form of medication ask a professional as to avoid nasty symptoms that may occur from ingredient interaction.

    Otherwise, this combination of components is 100% safe and should not inflict any side effects.

    The 800 mg blend of L-Arginine in each capsule is as follows:

    AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), A-KIC (arginine ketoisocaproate), OKG (ornithine alpha ketoglutarate) and GKG (glutamine alpha- ketoglutarate). Other ingredients involve: Magnesium Stearate, diCalcium Phosphate, Cellulose and Stearic Acid. As a precursor of nitric oxide, L-Arginine is the primary component of this formulation.


    You may receive  a free trial with this supplement form certain retailers. Depending on where you buy the product, you will spend roughly $53.95, but this may be discounted in certain stores. A container of 90 capsules should last around one month. The dose is 2-3 per day and you should never take more than 6 in a day. Take on a full stomach before a workout for best effects. The results depend on the user, but usually are visible in just a few weeks.


    Despite the claims that this blend will help you during training, there is no proof that this is as effective as the label and manufacturers make out. However, Nitro Genix 365 has had clinical trials conducted and is proven to be the best formula of its kind. This number one leading brand only charge $19.95 for a one month supply!