Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) – Does it deliver?

Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) - Does it deliver?

Everyone knows that getting old hits us fast and has changes that affect our daily lives, so why sit around waiting for it to happen? Why not choose to do something about it and ensure that you age with grace.

There really is no excuse when we are fortunate enough to have plenty of holistic products available to us that will assist many aspects of physical and mental health.

To help you decide which supplement is best for you and your needs we provide the relevant information in our reviews – explaining the different types of formulas and their ingredients.

What is the product?

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Formulated to specifically enhance the brain and nerve cells through the promotion of sleep Methyl B12 can also improve eye functions.
Using mainly the B vitamin Methylcobalamin, (also named Methyl B12), which differs from other forms of these vitamins (despite also containing the mineral cobalt), it manages to be absorbed much quicker within the human body and is sufficiently retained.
Scientists have also proven that this substance will increase alertness as well as body temperature because it is able to create antioxidants including methionine from harmful amino acids like homocysteine. Another positive is that it can make adrenaline hormones out of norepinephrine and melatonin hormones out of serotonin. These results were found during clinical testing.
People who most benefit using this product is anyone who has diabetic neuropathy because it treats and prevents anemia, works towards making a stronger of the immune system and creates red blood cells.
Those who have sleeping disorders should also advantage as this supplement will rectify those symptoms and look after nerve tissues and brain cells. There is also the chance of improving eye functions!
More than anything this brain enhancer is like no other due to acting as a metabolic and therapeutic remedy on top of everything else.



The formula consists of: Lemon Flavor, Citric Acid, Xylitol, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.
To improve the cognitive functions the main ingredient is Vitamin B12. It is absorbed into the bloodstream and after reaching the body, is quickly transported to the brain. This is when it becomes filtered and works its magic. This substance is one of the most vital nutrients for the brain.

Take note that you should not consume this product if you have Leber’s disease.
The substances that make up this supplement are all natural and should not not cause allergic reactions. Saying this, Methyl B12 could cause side effects to hearing or polycythemia vera.


At $12.10 this product really makes you question its abilities. Each day you must take only one lozenge, whether you chew it or dissolve it in water to drink. For this price you receive sixty lozenges which should last you a month.

To conclude:

Cheaper is not always better and if you are looking for quality that you cannot beat, then Brain Gain is the leading brain enhancement choice of today. This fabulous product comes at a price of only $19.95.