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Maximum Clarity: Product Review

by Joe Swanson
Maximum Clarity: Product Review


Claimed by its manufacturer to work within 4 days, Maximum Clarity is a promising brain enhancement supplement that’s only been in the market recently. Developed by LNV Health, a company based in the US, it is said to give a solution to those experiencing problems in memory, focus, and concentration. Maximum Clarity can also enhance your energy in general. The product may be new, but its manufacturer isn’t. The company has been in the industry for many years, known for creating products designed to improve health, immune system, memory, as well as reduce stress.

Currently priced at $24.95, Maximum Clarity is available at Amazon.com.  Discounts can be availed at the checkout if you apply for a promo code that the manufacturer will provide. Shipping can also be for free if you own a premium membership at Amazon.

The Amazing Features

Brain enhancement supplement

QUICK RESULTS – Expect to see the results in just a matter of days, in contrast with comparable supplements that take effect after 1-2 months.

PROVEN NATURAL & SAFE – Maximum Clarity is made of ingredients that are natural and of premier quality. This makes this supplement free from any negative effects.

GUARANTEEING EFFECTIVENESS – The manufacturer is positive on the efficiency of this product that it offers a 30-day money back guarantee to make sure customers are satisfied.

RECOVERING RECOLLECTION – The effectiveness of this product allows the brain to have a sharper memory, enabling it to recover lost recollection of up to five years.

BETTER FOCUS & CONCENTRATION FUNCTIONS – Taking Maximum Clarity helps achieve greater brain functions, which include memory and focus.

This brain enhancement product is composed of:

24% (50mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract

250mg of hypericine

125 milligrams of Phosphatidylserine Complex

50mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine

150mg of L-glutamine hcl

50mg of DMAE Bitartrate

100mg of Bacopin 100 mg

2mg of Vinpocetine

General Procedure

Ingredients of Maximum Clarity

The ingredients that are contained in Maximum Clarity are guaranteed to be purely natural. This is why the manufacturer’s is confident of its safety. Its potency is also pure since there’s no filter. The antioxidants in the product make sure that the hormones responsible for taking care of the brain are active. There are two crucial ingredients in the product’s formula. One is Ginkgo Biloba. When its extracts are absorbed by the brain, it increases cognitive functions and improves memory and focus. Second is the Phosphatidylserine Complex. The integration of this substance in the product triggers advanced abilities for learning, thinking, and retaining information.

Positive Notes

This brain enhancement supplement is free from any negative consequences because t he ingredients are organic and natural. In case it fails to work, you can always ask for a refund within 30 days. The ingredients in the supplement have been studied carefully and have been proven to deliver positive effects in terms of brain functionalities

Negative Notes

While product effectiveness is important, convenience when purchasing the product is just as essential. Unfortunately, there have been concerns regarding the delays in the shipping and the inadequate retailers.


Though it is used as a dietary supplement, Maximum Clarity should only be taken twice a day. That means only 2 capsules. Taking more than 2 isn’t recommended. It isn’t also recommended for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. To be on the safe side, always check the seal for signs of tampering. See your healthcare practitioner to be guided properly on its use.

Is it Effectual Enough?

This brain enhancement supplement is a strongly suggested product. First, it’s because the ingredients are natural, making it safe for humans. Second, these ingredients have undergone studies, making the supplement more reliable. Third, the supplement’s effectiveness in improving cognitive functions has been proven.


It is expected that there aren’t reviews on Amazon yet since the product is new. Those who have purchased and tried the product locally though have already stated their good reviews, giving Maximum Clarity a 5-rating. Thus, overwhelming positive feedbacks will soon hit Amazon. Also, this supplement has been introduced in the market to give a superior alternative to those who are looking for the ultimate brain enhancement product.

Ultimate Verdict

Maximum Clarity is highly effective the results are visible in just a couple of days. Despite being new in the market, this product can easily gain attention because of its solid performance and guaranteed immediate outcome. It also helps that the manufacturer behind its creation is one that’s proven and tested when it comes to product development. Aside from boosting your brain functions, Maximum Clarity can also improve your overall energy. This product has everything you need in a brain enhancement it will surely be a hit.

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