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Men, Do These Things to Create an Excellent Online Dating Profile

by Supplement View Staff
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It can be awkward and challenging to write about yourself, not to mention having to sing your own praises in order to find a date. If your online dating profile isn’t catching that special person’s eye, you may need to revise your approach. There are just too many profiles to go through, and if you want to get noticed, you definitely need to have a stellar online dating profile.

Be sure to follow these guidelines to create an exceptional profile that is sure to make an excellent first impression.

  1. Be Specific

How is your personality different from all the other guys? When crafting your profile, you need tons of concrete details that genuinely convey who you are. If you say that you are loyal, then explain how. If you say hiking is your passion, then give details about the last hike you took, what you saw, and why you like hiking so much. Help those reading your profile to connect with you before they even meet you.

  1. Be Positive

When writing your dating profile, try to stay positive and upbeat. Give details about what you do want in a partner, instead of a laundry list of all the things that turn you off. Do not dwell on dating disasters and past relationship issues that annoy you. Rather, write with an optimistic tone that communicates exactly what you are looking for and what it would be like to date you.

  1. Be Polite

Sarcasm and snarky, witty comments are great in person, but they don’t translate well online unless you are a very sophisticated writer, so it’s better to leave those types of communication and humor for your first date. Be polite, sincere, and forthcoming when representing yourself and your dating desires on your online profile. Chivalry is not dead, and it can go a long way to impressing a potential mate.

  1. Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Don’t forget this crucial step before you let your online dating profile go live. Proper use of language and the ability to communicate clearly goes a long way in making a great first impression. You may have a great job and umpteen degrees, but if you can’t take a few minutes to proofread your profile, how will a potential partner know that you can effectively string a few words together. Type your more extended profile text bits in a word processing program and use the spell-check feature. Better yet, download a free grammar checker to catch even more slip-ups.

  1. Be Honest

Save yourself a lot of time and drama by being completely forthright about what kind of relationship you are looking for. If you have no interest in finding a long-term partner, say so. It’s better to communicate this information upfront. Also, be honest about your interests, looks, and job. Stretching the truth in these areas will just lead to misunderstandings later on and will set up your relationship under false pretenses.

  1. Pick the Right Photos

Guys, no more topless selfies taken in the mirror! These are the worst way to grab the eye of a quality dating candidate. You may have to enlist the help of a loyal friend to take some quality photos of you to include in your profile. Your online dating profile should contain pictures that are flattering and well-lit where your face isn’t covered. Ditch the baseball cap and glasses, so that those looking at your profile can actually see your face.

Also, make sure that your photos are relatively recent. Make sure you are fully clothed in your photos. While you may think potential dates want to look at your hard-earned muscles and washboard abs, it’s a cheesy way to attract the wrong kind of attention. Feel free to include photos with animals! If you don’t own a dog, borrow a friend’s for your photo to show how much of an animal lover you are. While photos with ex-partners are a no-no, there’s nothing wrong with including friends in your photos, as long as it’s clear from the other pictures which person is you. Don’t make your potential date play detective.

  1. Make Lists

If you are finding it difficult to string intelligent and sophisticated, not to mention witty sentences together, try using lists to communicate your likes, dislikes, and life experiences. You can use all your brain power and creativity to title your lists in a unique way then include very specific aspects of your personality to really convey what makes you different. Some fun lists you might want to include are:

  • Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
  • Bands I’ve Seen Live
  • Bands I Want to See Live
  • Bucket List Travel Destinations
  • Possible Names for My Next Dog
  • Favorite Workout Jams
  • Favorite Local Haunts
  • Favorite First Date Locales
  • What I’m Looking for in a Date
  1. Tell a Story

Sometimes telling a memorable and detailed story can go far in telling others what makes you tick. It can even be something minor or embarrassing to show your more vulnerable side. Use details, emotional adjectives, and what you learned from the experience to create an intriguing glimpse inside your psyche.

  1. Get a Proofreader

This is a delicate matter, and possibly embarrassing, to share such a vulnerable part of yourself with friends. It will definitely pay off, though, to have another set of eyes look over your profile and give you some feedback. So, enlist a close friend, co-worker, or family member to proofread your profile for cheesiness, dullness, or grammar and spelling mistakes.

Grabbing a potential date’s attention with just a few paragraphs and photos is no easy task, and if done haphazardly can end up with you sitting home alone on a Saturday night. Or worse, going on umpteen first dates with people you don’t really click with. So, spruce up your online dating profile in order to meet better dating candidates that can possibly lead to whatever your relationship goals may be.

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