Mojo Risen Review – To Try or Not to Try?

Mojo Risen Review – To Try or Not to Try?

Mojo Risen Review

Known as a Viagra alternative, Mojo Risen is a male enhancement supplement created for use only when you need a boost in sexual performance. You are supposed to take it a half hour before sexual activity in order to experience an increase in libido and erection quality and they boast a 95% satisfaction rate.
However, while reading the website I was a little dismayed by the amount of poor English throughout and the fact that their “facts” didn’t seem to be backed by any sort of credible data or sources. They state on their website that they use ancient Chinese herbalist methods—utilizing the entire herb as opposed to isolated extracts and they apparently use only the best and most pure herbs around the globe.

Penis enlargementSome of their ingredients include Polyrhachis Vicina Roger, which is an edible black ant species with a notable history in Chinese medicine. Little leery of that one personally, but moving on … Deer Antler Velvet is also used, which is commonly found in male enhancements to increase testosterone. We’ve also got Rhizoma Polygona which is a little inconspicuous and hard to research, Cordyceps Sinesis which is a mushroom said to increase testosterone, Angelica for its immune system boosting qualities, and cayenne pepper which is known to increase blood flow.

You’re supposed to take one capsule on an empty stomach about every half hour to hour before sex. Apparently the effects are to last two days and you are advised not to take more than two capsules per day, but none of these ingredients are really that great when it comes to improving sexual function, so I dug a little deeper and found the FDA had released a warning that Mojo Risen contains a chemical—noracetildenafil—very similar to sildenafil which is the active ingredient in Viagra. Mojo Risen was finally recalled in 2014 after yet another pharmaceutical ingredient was discovered in the ingredients.

mojorisen-polyrhachisvicinaThis can be very dangerous and thankfully there are no reports of anyone being harmed by Mojo Risen, but it’s no wonder some users stated that it worked since it was basically a form of Viagra. I have also personally tried Mojo Risen, and given the fact that it’s a form of Viagra you can pretty much imagine what happened to me. I did get a good erection, but also the terrible side effects that seem endless. I got a headache, pressure in my head and sinuses, and just didn’t feel good overall. I also can’t help but wonder if there are any other mysterious ingredients in here since there are already two discovered. I’m not sure I really care to find out either. It’s not worth it and I don’t really trust the company.

But yes, you will get a very nice erection while using this, however, you are also dealing with unnatural and unsafe ingredients that may cause some major problems for you. In my opinion there are much better, safer, and more effective options out there without the risk of your health.