Are There Options For Re-Growing and Stopping Hair Loss?

Are There Options For Re-Growing and Stopping Hair Loss?

Yes! This question is asked by many men all around and women ask it too. When searching online there are options found such as taking tablets or pills, using certain kinds of shampoos and oil or taking vitamins.

The thing is that for men, there are usually only three workable options: surgery, drugs or all-natural supplements. Surgery isn’t realistic for most men because it is too costly, painful and doesn’t give them a reason why they have hair loss in the first place. This is why most men are using prescription hair loss treatment drugs or natural solutions.

What Options Are There For Prescription Hair Loss Drugs?

You will find that two of the most commonly named prescription hair loss drugs are Finasteride and Minoxidil.

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Finasteride is orally taken. It works on inhibiting the enzyme, 5a-reductase, from converting testosterone into DHT. Drugs that do contain the finasteride can only be found in prescription, like Propecia. There are numerous negative side effects though including increased risk of getting prostate cancer, anxiety, depression, swelling, rashes, sexual dysfunction, problems breathing and others (source from

Minoxidil is topically used. It is found in Rogaine and other products. It can be gotten if you don’t have a prescription but there are still adverse side effects like scalp dryness, itching, irritation, allergic reactions and serious heart issues.

What Supplements are Available for Natural Hair Growth?

You may think there isn’t a perfect solution for treating hair loss. However, there are some OTC products you can use that have shown some men amazing results. These are products that usually contain targeted amino acids, specific nutrients and saw palmetto.

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Some men have tried Provillus and Profillica and state good reports and results such as reversing or at least ending hair loss. Those products don’t have chemicals or drugs in them so the side effects are only minimal or no side effects at all.

There are some guys who thing hair loss isn’t a big deal. However, if you are not one of those guys, you need assistance in getting the proper product and all-natural is the way to go. There are products that help you regrow hair. Also, there are products that help you get fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

If you want to try OTC products for hair growth or re-growth and need help deciding what one to try, this is a review that can help you find effective treatments

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