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Primal Palates & Paleo Diets

by Supplement View Staff
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The Paleo diet is tailored for primal palates. Some say it’s the healthiest way to go since its how our ancestors ate. The paleo diet has been implemented as a co-treatment for a number of health conditions as well. Special diets can assist in your fitness goals and provide a wide variety of health benefits. It is important to seek out information before beginning any type of diet or fitness program. There is a great deal of info out there and it can get somewhat confusing.

What is primal?

You probably know the basic guidelines for following the Paleo diet. If you can fish or hunt for it, it’s most likely on the list. This includes domestic meat, wild game, seafood, and poultry. This is known as your approved protein sources.

Can you grow and harvest it? It may be in as well, but there are exceptions. There are guidelines as to which plant-based foods are included. White potatoes are a vegetable but do not usually make the great. Beans and nuts don’t appear on the list of approved foods either. The topic is still highly debated and there are several variations from the standard list.

Grains are plants and should be approved for the Paleo diet, right? Not the ones which are highly processed or enriched. There should be no refined sugar in your diet which includes sodas and fruity drinks. Dairy is generally yet another no-no. You should choose the guidelines which align with your goals, lifestyle, and budget.

Primal Paleo Path

man with paleo food on wooden boardBefore committing to your Palo journey keep in mind that no diet is a perfect fit or absolute fix. Specific dietary regimens can improve health, reverse certain conditions, and assist in weight loss. They can also exacerbate underlying health issues.

You must consider every component in a comprehensive plan to make it effective. A critical tool in all health programs is you and your determination. You must adhere to the dietary plan to see the results of your effort.

If you want to dedicate the time to educate yourself, you can obtain all the nutrients you need from most of the popular diets. They can be helpful temporarily, but those which alter your daily habits for life are the most effective. Consider you reasoning for going Paleo.

One of the things any dietary regimen provides is guidance. It is much easier to win the game if the rules and goals are laid out for you. Some individuals require a nudge now and again. This should never be perceived as a failure but be recognized and addressed. Seek outside guidance through structured programs and support groups, if going it alone is not working.

The Paleo diet has been examined as a diabetes management tool and to promote cardiovascular disorders. Swedish scientists completed a three-month trial on the popular Paleo diet. Participants diagnosed with type II diabetes demonstrated an increase in insulin sensitivity. Obesity was reduced, and cardiovascular health improved. This has spurred a more thorough examination of the Paleo diet as a co-treatment for a variety of health issues (1).

A study from the Department of Nutrition and Health provided agreeable results. The trial duration was a bit shorter, but the outcomes were much the same. This time the target was metabolic syndrome. The Paleo diet improved risk factors such as triglyceride and cholesterol counts. The caveman plan also reduced hypertension incidence (2).

Paleo Friendly Menu Ideas

Breakfast is the meal which primes your pump and gets you ready for your day. If you are considering the Paleo diet, the good news is eggs are on the approved list. Think protein powered egg muffins and basil, bacon omelets.

protein packed paleo foodCountry ham, sausage links, and prosciutto are also in, but be forewarned. Patients who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular conditions should consult a physician about consuming pork. Among so-called red meats, it is often highest in bad cholesterol and unhealthy fat.

There are a few websites which promote vegan-friendly paleo diet options. This can be a bit tricky. Eating plant-based dishes only is not impossible but can diminish your food options drastically. Mixed berry banana pancakes and apple, pear, flax seed muffins are a few excellent examples of alternatives.

Lunch is the time mid-day slump generally weaves its way through the office. It is important to replenish your body’s fuel stores to make it through the rest of the day. Chicken egg roll bowls are Paleo-friendly and perfect for busy professionals. If you take time to enjoy your lunch, consider lemon crusted, grilled salmon. Lightly sauced garlic plantains are a vegan-friendly, Paleo choice.

Dinner is just as important as any other meal. This fuels your body for much-needed repairs. It’s also the perfect time to fire up the grill primal style. Anything cooked on a barbeque generally requires less grease.

Use lean cuts of red meat, fish fillets, or tender wild game for your flame-licked, main course. Toss your favorite veggies in foil with lemon, garlic, and just a tablespoon of butter for a nutrition-packed side. Tomatoes, asparagus, and yellow squash make a great trio.

There are more vegan-friendly, Paleo BBQ ideas online than you might think. Keep the veggie melody and use olive oil instead of butter. Replace your main course with a plant-based rib or burger alternatives.

Paleo Precautions

While the basic concept of the Paleo diet can be extremely healthy, this doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Never omit anything from your plate which is essential to your nutritional requirements. The Paleo diet is also said to be one of the most difficult plans to follow. Strictly adhering to the caveman plan can drastically reduce your carb intake. Remember, your body requires 50 grams of carbs a day for optimal functioning. Carbohydrate restriction may be okay for the short-term, but perhaps not in the long.


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