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Procera AVH Review- Is it worth it?

by Joe Swanson
Procera AVH Review- Is it worth it?

Procera AVH Analysis

One of the most complicated tasks that the brain is used for is to link an image to a word. Sometimes that words may seem just out of reach.

Glitches in processing information can occur when the diet is not properly nutritious; exercise is lacking; sleep is not adequate; or, in some cases, it is simply a sign of the aging rain.

It is important to immediately address this issue to correct it before it escalates.

Procera AVH is a supplement designed by Brain Research Labs that it claims can prevent and/or reverse cognitive declination.

The lab team is guided by Dr. Robert Heller and Josh Reynolds. They led the team and research into the efficacy of the supplement was conducted in Australia.

These trials shed positive light on the potential of Procera AVH to effectively improve recall and heighten cognitive function.

Procera AVH Compounds and Actions


Procera AVH contains three main compounds which work together simultaneously to correct neurological deficits. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a popular ingredient in supplements because it renews neuro-cells and promotes blood flow within the brain. It raises choline levels, which is an essential neurotransmitter; fights oxidative stress; and increases information processing.

Huperzine A takes care of neuro-cell health by maintaining membrane integrity and inciting production of a number of vital neurotransmitters. It also floods the cerebral environment with powerful antioxidants to protect acetylcholine.

Vinpocetine is derived from a species of moss native to China and is a common ingredient in health supplements. It supports the health development of cells through the enhanced delivery of oxygen and other important nutrients.

The instructions specify a dosage as 3 capsules and should be consumed with food. It also advises taking them no less than 6 hours prior to sleeping.

Procera AVH Upsides and Downsides

Procera AVH Upsides

Each individual ingredient has been scientifically proven to produce the effects claimed.

Consumers can get their money back, if the formula does not prove to be effective.

The clinical studies from Australia may be reviewed in several places online.

Procera AVH Downsides

proceraavh-disadvantages-highbloodpressureThis supplement company was forced to pay a court settlement because Procera AVH did not uphold effect claims.

The trial conducted in Australia were not accepted by the scientific world due to being too small.

Unsatisfied consumers have published negative user experiences.

This formula has increased the blood pressure of a number of users.

The ingredients are posted on the business website; however, Brain Research Labs refuses to give percentages of each in the formula.

Where to Order It

Orders may be placed for Procera AVH on the Amazon or GNC webpages as well as a wide selection of health supplement sales sites.

To order directly visit procerahealth.com. The cost is as follows.

Container of 60 – $34.95

Container of 90 – $49.95

3Containers of – $139.95

Bottom Line

Procera AVH does not appear to be a smart purchase as they have settled out of court with dissatisfied users. Not only are there negative user experiences posted, but some of them are due to unwanted side effects in blood pressure increases.

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