Product Review of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

Product Review of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

Getting to Know Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

Nowadays people easily gain weight for 2 primary reasons: hectic schedule and pitiable food alternatives. The present lifestyle with which we’re all required to enact to be able to survive and stay ahead of the game has left us unattended in terms of

our health. We’ve become too busy with work and are always rushing that we can’t even have a decent breakfast in the morning. Thus, we forego healthy eating habits for those that are faster to prepare.

This kind of eating habits and lifestyle in general will take its toll as you put on weight. Fortunately, there are products that can address issues like this. These are meal replacement shakes. This article is about Advocare Meal Replacement Shake, one of the well-recognized meal replacement supplements being sold. Before you think about trying it, you’d also want to know about these things first.

About Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

Weight loss shake

This meal replacement shake boasts features of being complete with nutrients to supply the required nutrition to your body even though you’re always mobile. Basically, the formula for Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is excellent for individuals who are always busy. With this product, you load your body with all the crucial vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins to help you keep your vigor all day. Apart from this, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is also delicious.

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake promotes

weight loss after long-term use by only containing limited amount of calories. As mentioned, the intention is to lose weight since high calories are what turn into fat. Thus, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake allows you to stay ahead of your health and fitness even though you’re busy all the time.

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake’s Promise

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is claimed as a product that can support you in a healthy way while practicing a weight management plan. It is important to note that Advocare Meal Replacement Shake only has some degree of carbs that still makes it possible for you to be productive without being excessive in carbohydrates. It’s because carbs can eventually be just fats.

All in all, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is intended to deliver sufficient energy to allow you to be active while also making you feel lighter and recharged.

The Company behind Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

Advocare International, L.P. designed and produced Advocare Meal Replacement Shake. With its headquarters situated in Plano, Texas, the company concentrates on making health products, selling and distributing weight loss and sports enhancement formulations. It was initiated back in 1993 by Charles Ragus, who died in 2001. As of now, Advocare International has 70 products being put on the market independently by around 60,000 distributors.

Additionally, the company might not be relatively unknown as it has been a title sponsor of the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana between the years 2009 and 2013. It also started being the title sponsor of the Texas Bowl in 2014 until present. So, the company has other ventures to be more recognized in the industry.

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Nutrients

The principal component in Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is proteins. The product particularly has 24 grams of proteins that your gut will also find uncomplicated to absorb. This way, muscle increase is encouraged and energy is used practically.

Of course there are vitamins and minerals. For the former, there are vitamins A, B, C, and D. For the latter, there are calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. All in all, there are 26 of them as stated by the company.

Lastly, there’s the fiber. Its main purpose is for the suppression of your appetite to promote weight loss. Specifically, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake’s per serving has 5 grams of fiber. This way, you take control of your desire to eat while also allowing you to have a lengthier stay on-the-go mode.

Lose Weight with Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

For one, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake helps in the weight loss process because it helps give you the control of what’s going on internally. Weight problems happen when you have too much calorie consumption. This happens with busy individuals who don’t have the time to choose what they eat cleverly. Good thing there’s Advocare Meal Replacement Shake. With this product, you don’t need to waste your time being confused of what you should eat or not based on health contents because the nutrients in this product are guaranteed. This is the reason why products like Advocare Meal Replacement Shake were created, to help people decrease their caloric intake the easier way. In the end, there’ll be substantial weight loss.

Clinical Study/Research on Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

Nothing’s been published yet about the effectiveness of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake clinically speaking. What we know is the standard with which this product was formulated. Another thing is that on the website, it was stated that a study showing a 1:1 protein to carbohydrates ratio promotes a more efficient weight management plan.

Has Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Been Approved by the FDA?

There’s no information addressing this query as well. However, it’s critical to point out that Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is not a medicine, but only a meal replacement shake. You can purchase one without a doctor’s prescription.

Does Advocare International Give Refunds?

Advocare International is a multi-level marketing corporation with a unique structure. Considering this, we don’t think refunds are possible even if you’re not pleased with the product. There’s a chance for a money-back if the distributor you got your Advocare Meal Replacement Shake from chooses to refund your money.

A pack of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake with 14 day servings costs around $39.99, average. You can avail of discounts if you join company schemes or programs that will also give you the chance to get your investment back if you can convince other people to join.

What are the Benefits of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake?

It allows you to manipulate your appetite, making you eat less

The caloric content is limited

This meal replacement shake has an excellent taste

What are the Drawbacks of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake?

It’s kind of expensive compared to other meal replacement shakes

It’s not definite whether this product can really make you lose weight

Presence of artificial sweeteners which can trigger side effects

Potential Side Effects

As mentioned, there’s presence of an artificial sweetener called sacralose. There are claims that this substance can trim down good bacteria in the gut and increase the pH in the body. So, it’s important to be wary when using Advocare Meal Replacement Shake.

Market Price of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

On the official site, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake costs $44.95. That’s for a box consisting of 14 servings. Distributors get 20% discounts, so the price reduces to $35.96. Distributors with higher positions can get it at $26.97. For keen buyers, this can be acquired directly from the website and of course from distributors in your place.

What Customers Have to Say about Advocare Meal Replacement Shake?

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Generally, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake has high ratings on sites like Amazon. 45 users gave it 4.1 stars out of 5, while 28 users gave it a perfect 5-star rating. So, positive reviews are prevalent with complaints focused on side effects like bloating. That’s why it’s important to be cautious when using Advocare Meal Replacement Shake.

Final Verdict on Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

While depending on Advocare Meal Replacement Shake for weight loss may take a long time, it doesn’t mean that the product is not efficient. If you combine this with physical training, it’s possible to lose weight faster. That’s why we still recommend this product as a meal replacement shake.