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Product Review: Xylestril

by Joe Swanson
Product Review: Xylestril

Product Overview

Xylestril is a weight loss product that’s mostly for women. Aside from claiming it can help in weight reduction, Xylestril also asserts it can trigger other notable improvements, such as boosting a women’s sex drive, easing PMS, improving the skin, and even eradicating of acne. To top it off, it also claims it helps in the enlargement of breasts. As for the company that developed Xylestril, there’s nothing much about them except that they also created Curvatim, a product similar to Xylestril. Both of their products can be acquired online and through e-Bay, which is not unusual since companies make use of such tricks to dodge from FTC evaluations. This weight loss product promises to deliver a decrease of 8-12 pounds, which is unlikely for several people and not very advisable health-wise. Even though there’s a FAQ page on the site, it doesn’t comprehensively answer essential questions like how the product works. There are also comments from users but most are saying the improvement was on the skin, not on their weight. Lastly, its maker announces that there’s a risk-free guarantee, but there seems to be nothing on the site that talks about refunds or returns.

More on Xylestril

Ingredients of Xylestril

Whilst the ingredients of Xylestril are listed down and disclosed on the site, the quantity demonstrating the precise amount of each component in every pill is not. Given this, it becomes less comprehensive for the customers who want to know about such information completely. Lacking in details, it affects a customer’s decision whether to give a product a try or not. The components, which by the way are all natural, are cinnamon, soy, green tea, chocolate, ginger root, magnolia bark, and dong quai. Interestingly, chocolate here is in reality chocamine. It comes from cocoa and generally is like chocolate, but with the absence of fat and sugar. The green tea here means Xylestril is loaded with antioxidants, but it’s not really for losing weight. In fact, numerous reviews from different sites noticed that the ingredients in Xylestril are not really weight-loss related. Moreover, nothing in its formulation can deliver an increased libido and bust size. What it can probably do aside from nourishment of the skin is alleviate PMS due to the inclusion of dong quai. This herb has been used for generations to help ease PMS, though the quantity of this herb used in Xylestril remains a mystery. Suggested dosage for this product is on capsule 2-4 times daily. You can also opt to take 2 capsules twice daily. In order to not affect your sleep, use it 8 hours prior bedtime. This is because the presence of caffeine in the Chocamine and green tea can be active stimulants.


Natural components are used in Xylestril’s formula.


The reviews about Xylestril are not very optimistic. Users often complained about its failure to work as a weight-loss product.

It’s common for weight-loss supplements to have Hoodia Gordonii because it’s effectual in curbing your appetite, but Xylestril has none.

The manufacturer has another product that’s basically like Xylestril but with another brand name.

It seems doubtful that the product can deliver all its promises, especially the breast augmentation part.

Final Recommendation

Increase sexual desire

The company behind Xylestril initiated a great sales scheme telling customers about a huge discount – that from the typical price of $119.99, their product can now be acquired at only $39.99. We’re not aware of the reason behind this great discount, but as mentioned, great sales ploy. On the other hand, considering Xylestril does not have a positive following online and there are no clinical studies to confirm its claims, even the discounted price doesn’t seem to be a real discount.

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