Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Review: Is it the real deal?

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Inquiry

Progene HealthCare attests that their formula enhances testosterone levels; increases the libido; and boosts sex drive. They say that it will elevate performance; diminish anxieties; and intensify satisfaction.
The makerclaims that this product is made with amazingly effective; high quality; entirely safe botanicals. They further insist it will heighten strength; amplify muscle mass; and foster overall wellbeing.

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Properties and Functions


L-Arginine promotes levels of nitric oxide; amplifies the libido; and enhances sexual performance. These boosts have been clinically proven to enhance the size and firmness of erections.

Wild yams are the most common source which DHEA is extracted from to blend with supplement formulas and referred to as plant sterols. Clinical trials have proven that its supplementation offers significant value in correcting erectile dysfunction. This was found to be particularly helpful for those with hypertension.
Saw Palmetto is derived from a palm and is another popular supplement additive due to the fact that it blocks conversion of androgens into dihydrotestosterone. It is proven to reduce blood pressure and improve sexual dysfunction through the enhancement of testosterone serum.
The properties of Damiana leaf has been clinically validated as a valuable treatment for sexual dysfunctions. Researchers also realized that it shortens the time guys require between sexual sessions and can intensify the ability to achieve an orgasm in both genders.
Sarsaparilla root has been implemented into medicine for centuries by South and Central American tribes to increase the libido and reduce sexual dysfunctions. It provides phytosterols which act similar to hormones. This is seen as a testosterone increase which enhances the libido and triggers sexual desire.
Muira Pauma is also quite frequently added to male enhancement products. It too comes from South America and has been utilized for centuries. It supports a healthy heart and circulation while correcting impotence issues.

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Usage

The package tells users to take two gel-caps with food per day.

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Credits and Debits


Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Credits

This complex is produced in the USA.
Each component in this product has been scientifically tested.
This distributor offers a 10-day trials of its supplement.
There is positive customer testimony for this formula.

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Debits

The post market complex has never been clinically tested.
One of the ingredients in this supplementwas been banned by professional sports organizations.
This product should not be consumed by people with any type of cardiovascular disorder.
This is a costly formula.
The sample offered is consent to bi-monthly recurrent billing at $90.
The details of the automatic billing are very unclear.
Most of the user reviews for this solution are extremely derogatory.

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex Purchase Spot

Individuals may buy a 30-day supply of this complex for $59.95 on the company website or Amazon. A 90-day supply runs $129.95 and the 180-day supply costs $209.85.

Progene HealthCare Daily Testosterone Complex End Note

This is not a wise supplement purchase because it involves recurrent billing with highly confusing details.