Progene Review – My Personal Experience

Progene Review – My Personal Experience

Progene Review

After the age of 20 men start losing testosterone for various reasons. Age is a factor. Anxiety. Depression. Stress. All of these things take a toll on the body and make it much more difficult to produce testosterone. And as you know, testosterone is pretty important. It not only affects sexual performance, but it also affects your overall mental clarity, stamina, and energy. Which is why it’s important to add testosterone to your body in the form of a supplement.

progenereview-mentalclarityThat’s where Progene comes in. Progene claims to enhance your sexual performance and function through its all-natural ingredients such as Tribulus, which is known to increase testosterone production, and L-Arginine and DHEA which are also testosterone precursors. There are plenty of other helpful ingredients as well. Ginseng, long jack, straw extract, Saw Palmetto berry, Jamaican ginger root, and Lycopine. There are also a variety of minerals and vitamins beneficial to your overall wellbeing and the effectiveness of the supplement.

One thing I love about Progene compared to some other pills on the market is that they do not include yohimbe. This is honestly one of the ingredients I don’t like the most. It has side effects, especially for me personally, that are horrible to endure and make the entire point of a sexual enhancement useless because you’re too sick to take advantage of it. So I like the absence of yohimbe in this case.

Which brings me to my personal experience using Progene. I bought a one-month supply and I didn’t notice an increase in energy, strength, or mood of any kind. I didn’t feel any sort of change at all really. Maybe the slightest bit of mood change. Just an overall even keel sorta mood. But I didn’t notice an increase of strength or focus of any kind, even while working out. My stamina seemed the same, maybe ever so slightly more, but nothing noticeable at all.

progenereview-jamaicangingerrootOverall though, I feel that Progene is a bit too expensive for the results I received. There are some other testimonials that show better results than what I experienced, but for me personally, I just didn’t feel like it was worth it. I’ve had much better supplements in the past that are cheaper and yet work much more effectively than this did. So I can’t say I’d personally recommend Progene as a supplement for increasing testosterone since it didn’t seem to work very well for me. I also don’t really like the fact that due to the use of DHEA they recommend that you don’t use their product if you are a professional athlete or even at a NCAA level. DHEA is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and it is banned from professional and college level sports. So … that being said, I’m not going to recommend this product overall. However, if you have tried it and would like to let me know your thoughts I’d be glad to hear them. I’m always curious when others have better personal experiences with a product than my own. So let me know if you have!