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Review of True Slim Tea: How Harmless and Efficient is this Product?

by supplementview

Introducing True Slim Tea

True Slim Tea is another kind of weight loss supplement that promotes shedding of pounds to eventual weight loss with the use of natural herbs. Bamboo Leaf is one of these natural herbs. This product generates positive results by purifying the digestive system which avoids bloating, heightening metabolic rates and cutting down excess fat deposits. You can either have the regular True Slim Tea or the extra strength tea. Interestingly, this product is developed by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen who’s known for his compilation of Encyclopedia of Herbs, which has since helped many herbalists around the world.

Active Ingredients in True Slim Tea

The full list of ingredients for True Slim Tea is not available. The product site just indicates Natural Oriental Herbs and MalvaVerticellata as the natural components.

Further Information


As a weight loss supplement, it works courtesy of its natural herbs. The claimed results are cleansed digestive system through the improvement of bowel movements, which purifies the colon and gets rid of toxins. Suggested dosage for this product is 1 cup of tea after eating one meal. You can have as many as only 2 cups each day. Do not exceed. For the regular type of tea, the price is $4.29 for 30 bags. For the extra strength type, the price is $2.99 for 12 bags. You can order True Slim Tea directly from true-slim.com.

What are the Good Points of True Slim Tea?


It is made by a well-known herbalist in the name of Li-Si-Zhen.
It can be purchased with the availability of a secure payment checkout.
Shipping is viable in the international scale.
There’s no caffeine present in the mix.
The price is affordable.

What are the Bad Points of True Slim Tea?

There’s limited information on the product.
The company that produced True Slim Tea doesn’t provide refunds or free samples.
It is unclear if there are contraindications linked to True Slim Tea.
It would be great if there are further details explaining True Slim Tea.

True Slim Tea – Final Recommendation

True Slim Tea is offered in regular and extra strength type, both of which have herbs to encourage weight loss through metabolic rate increase, digestive system purification and fat deposit removal. Still, these claims are not backed by any clinical study. There is also no available comprehensive information on the product itself.

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