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Safety and Use of NeoCutis Journee Day Cream

by Joe Swanson
Safety and Use of NeoCutis Journee Day Cream

The NeoCutis Journee Day Cream is considered to be a powerful product that works on fighting aging. It also restores the skin, revitalizes and hydrates the skin and provides SPF30 protection too. It includes a complete protein known as PSP which is interleukins, human growth factors and cytokines mixed together to become effective on the skin. This is a costly product at 30 ml/$140 but the ingredients work quite well on the skin. The main ingredients of zinc oxide and octinoxate cover the skin well and provide effective results. There are the tinted and un-tinted forms. The tinted form is best used on darker skin.

Manufacturer Information Regarding This Product

Ingredients of NeoCutis Journee Day Cream

This product is known for its proteins and amino-acids. The company formed in Switzerland back in 2003 but is now found in San Francisco, CA. The biologists and physicians that founded this line of products recognized that certain human cells would respond greatly to various ingredients and hence this product was developed. You can order this product from many websites or other NeoCutis products such as eye creams and moisturizers. The main ingredients that should be noted here from this product include Zinc Oxide of 7.3% and Octinoxate of 7.5%.

Workings of This Product

This is a product that works to fight aging, soothe your skin and provide moisture into your skin too. The SPF30 protection even protects you from dangerous sun rays as well. The product mentioned here even helps to make your skin look heathier.

Pros and Cons for This Product

This product has various different pros which include:

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Excellent Moisturizing Effects
  • Greatly Suited for Normal Skin Types and Dry Skin Types
  • Broad Sun-Spectrum Protection
  • Anti-Aging Effects.

These are the pros of this product.

This product has a few cons which include:

  • Costly at $140 for the 30 ml. Bottle
  • Has Small Amounts of Anti-Aging Ingredients
  • No Research Actually Supports the PSP Ingredient Effects.

These are the cons of this product.

Usage for This Product

This product should be put onto the skin during the morning before any make-up has been applied. It should be massaged into clean skin in just little amounts.

Safety and Effectiveness of This Product

Day cream

This product claims to be a great one for the skin during the day. It has some ingredients that will fight-aging. It claims to hydrate the skin too. Before you get started in using this cream you should first ask your doctor if it is alright due to allergies and irritations. Those who have oily skin should avoid putting this product onto their skin.

Customer Feedback for This Product

Many customers who have used this product do say they notice the effects that the company claims such as anti-aging, moisturizing and more.

Final Verdict for This Product

This product is off-hand quite expensive for most people. However, nonetheless, it does provide the skin with sun protection, moisturizing and hydrating effect and even some anti-aging effects as well.

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