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Sex Advice For Men

by Joe Swanson
Honey moon tips

Attention all men. Women want a man who can make them feel good. The key is to focus on the woman and make her feel wanted and needed. There is no one way to do this as human beings we like many different things and we change. One day she may like when you did that but do not over do. Switch it up and have fun in the bedroom. Do not be boring and do the same moves over n over. You are the man and should take control of your woman. Encourage her to try new positions and get her involved in the love making. Go fast, go slow, go hard and go deep. Talk to your wife on what she likes and what she wants. Tell her to tell you what she wants. This would help for both of you to get maximum pleasure.

If you are nervous, sometimes music may help settle the nerves and also may provide a nice vibe. Many different types of music may be good for sex so there is no one type to always play. Sex can be rough, can be gentle, can be sweaty, it comes in a variety of ways. Each is exciting in its own way. Depending on place and time may dictate the mood of the sex. You can also have an influence on the type of love making you wish to have. If you want a very close sensual passionate sexual experience with your wife, you can create a setting in which this can happen. Flowers, candles and chocolates are closely linked to passionate sex and can be associated with this mood. A woman would appreciate anything you do once your intention is to please her. A female is very hard and almost impossible to please and satisfy but one you are trying to your efforts would not go unappreciated. Do not be nervous and be confident in who you are. Your lady needs to feel comfortable so you cannot allow yourself to be nervous because it may transpire to her. If you both are nervous the chance of great sex is probably low. Be confident in your skin and let that feeling ooze so she can too feel confident. Make her feel sexy and touch her as though you want her. If she is still nervous and having a hard time to get comfortable, offer her a glass of wine and talk with her before jumping into making love.

Communication is important for intense sexual encounter. The communication can be verbal or even non-verbal. Eye contact is also crucial. Look her in her eyes when you are talking with her so she can know you are a serious man. Be honest in everything you say to her. Tell her what you like about her and compliment her. Doing something together before sex is a great way to get in the mood for later. Cook a meal together and just bond on a personal level. After the meal the sex would be heated.

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