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Sexual Advice For Men

by Joe Swanson
The Power Of Love

Sex is a very powerful connection among human beings. It has the power to create as well as destroy families. Sexual intercourse should be treated with a lot of respect because of the influence and impact it can have on one’s life. Sexual experiences and encounters are all life changing as part of your body, mind and soul connects with another. Part of your life enters into a woman during sex. A woman becomes and feels connected to you on a different level of understanding . The relationship with you and a lady is never the same once sex is introduced. As a man, you should be careful who you choose to have sex with. A sexual partner should be considered as a life companion as much is invested when sex is involved. Some men may claim they have no problem in sleeping with many women at a time and that they like to experience different women. This might be true, in the fact that it may feel good and pleasurable in the point of time when having sex. However, psychologically, it damages you if you want to have many random sexual partners and can lead to a wide spread of deadly sexually transmitted diseases and severe heartbreak. Sex with random women may lead to children growing up in random homes and abandonment. Sexual intercourse outside of marriage is a dangerous act. Sex should be between consensual adults, male and female, who are married and in love. The purpose of sex should be to increase the spiritual, mental and emotional connection bond married couples and to reproduce children for life.

Sex before marriage is a courageous decision to make. As a man you should be sure of what you want and should not play with a woman’s heart or feelings. If you are to make a choice about having sex before marriage or do not believe in marriage, you should know that, the female you are going to have sex with is someone you love care for and want to have a family with. Life is a very precious gift that we should all cherish and as a man you have a responsibility to protect and respect the women. When a man and a woman are in love and they have consensual sex the feeling that they both experience is unexplainable and out of this world. Making love is the term used to express what is happening between them. It is no longer seen or felt as sex or intercourse. There is nothing in the world as special as making love. A high level of trust is needed between the man and the woman for making love to occur. Making love has to do with more than just the physical aspect of the relationship but the spiritual, and mental aspect as well.

In closing, a woman always enjoys sex after a stimulating conversation and intense four-play. The four-play makes her wet and ready to be pleasured.

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