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Sexual Tips For Men

by Joe Swanson
couple attachment beneath their skin

I would say to my kids that making love involves two people

who have a mutual consciousness of unbounded unity. Two people who want to become one. It involves the passionate, emotional connection and affection between you and that person. It is giving your body to a person who you truly love and trust. It is the best feeling in the world to have a oneness with that person. It is to people who share the most special connection. Just look at daddy and mummy. Sex should be seen as an entire relationship. Making love should not only be insertion.

Consider your body a temple. Love your body and treat it with love.

Make love with someone who treats you good and cares for you. Do not abuse your body but embrace and cherish your life. Believe in love and do not let temptation make you believe in sex without love.

Use contraceptives and Birth control are some of the advice being given to the society today. Condoms in most cases are an effective form of child prevention and encourages safe sex with also trying to decrease the spread of infectious sexual diseases. As men sometime you often remind the females to take their birth control. There are many negative side effects to birth control that can damage women and it may prove difficult or in some instances impossible to birth a child. Although this is not highly likely it is a possibility and you should educate the women on this. Condoms and birth control pills should not be seen as a tool used to have sex with anyone and everyone. Sex as fore-mention should be between two people who want to become one.

This is my sex tip for you today.

As a man, when you are with the woman who you love, your wife, you should make love with her in a way that makes her feel good. Make her want to make love to you and the sex would be intensified. Admire her body her lips her hair her eyes her smile. Touch and caress her body with the utmost affection. Kiss her and suck on her tongue. When you and her are both in sync with each other it would be incredible and indescribable. Feel the passion and let it move both of you and do what is pleasurable and enjoyable to each other.

Do not allow the outside to negatively influence your relationship.

The outside in this circumstance is the temptation of sex without love. Do not be weak and stand up firm in what you believe in. Believe in love because it is good all the time. All the time it is good. Surround yourself with good people who care for you and want the best for you. This would help create the atmosphere in your life where you can believe in the power of love. Love conquers all and there is no greater feeling than expressing your love to the Mrs.

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