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Stuck at Home? The Pros and Cons of Joining a Gym

by Supplement View Staff
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Sometimes it can feel like there are limited options when it comes to working out. There’s always the option of finding different routines to do at home, but then the difficulty of privacy is always a burden. If you have kids, finding some alone time to work out can be trying. But there’s always the choice of taking a run around the block or biking on a nature trail. While those options can be fun, in the summer months some people might want to feel the cold breeze of the indoors rather than the hot and humid outdoors. Why not join a gym? Gyms are full of people just like you wanting to work out and get in shape, so what’s the harm? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of joining a gym this summer:


  1. Many exercise machines and equipment

When you join a gym, you can have speedy access to all the various equipment that they offer. The equipment and machines allow you to have the best workout possible. Some of the equipment includes exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, squat racks, and rowing machines. In using these machines, you can strengthen the muscles you want to in order to build muscle, lose weight, or work towards your own personal goal. With these machines, you can create a workout that is entirely your own and one that works for you. With this creativity, you can do what you want with your fitness schedule instead of following someone else’s rules or guidelines.

  1. Professional trainers

At a gym, professional trainers are at your service. You can ask them questions about the equipment the gym offers and they will be able to show you how to use the proper technique while using one of the machines. In addition, they can provide support on fitness routines and schedules. Trainers can also help with specific exercise and workout movements if asked.

  1. Facilities

Depending on what gym you go to some gyms may offer facilities like a swimming pool or a sauna. As a member, you would be eligible to use these facilities. In fact, it may be in your benefit to do so. A sauna can refresh the body after an intense workout, and a swimming pool can be used either as a relaxation technique or as an exercise method. Therefore, whether your gym offers none of these facilities or more, it will benefit you to try them out at least once.

  1. You can make new friends

Most people don’t think about socializing at a gym, but it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people. While at a gym, all the people there have the same interest in you in fitness. So why not talk to some of them? Maybe get their view of a couple of different techniques or speak with them about a different topic? While you’re at the gym, you don’t have to just workout you can also have fun with some buddies you meet there.

  1. Additional motivation

Since people at a gym usually push themselves towards meeting their goals, it’s safe to say others will do the same. When seeing others work hard to achieve something, it makes a person want to work just as hard to find success as well. That’s why gyms are so popular, not only are they are filled with people who want to work out but people who are actively working to achieve their goals.


  1. Fees

Depending on the type of gym you go to there might be a monthly fee or a yearly fee. Prices range with the location, gym type, and sometimes how long you’ve been a member. Some specials are run yearly with the different types of gyms. If you’re interested in joining a gym, it is suggested that you join during one of those specials. However, don’t sign up for the first gym you see. Make sure you reach out to all your gyms in your local area for their packages and prices. Overtime money will add up and if not all the advantages are being used then money is simply leaving your pocket and going into the trash.

  1. Poor sanitation

One of the let downs of a gym is cleanliness. Not many people bother to wipe down the equipment after they finished. That means that their sweat lingers on the machines until someone either a gym employee or another gym member cleans it off. The sweat on the machines promotes the spread of germs and unhealthy bacteria. While gym cleanliness can be managed with simple manners, it’s good to know going forward that you might see sweating weights sitting on a bench.

  1. Waiting for machines

While the common belief of going to the gym involves walking straight in and hopping on a machine, sometimes things aren’t that simple. At peak hours of the day, the gym may be packed, and in that case, the machine you want may be taken. So you might have to wait for a person to finish their work out to start yours. While it may be annoying, it’s also time-consuming if you have a strict schedule you have to abide by, therefore, if you don’t want to wait for a machine try to learn your gym’s peak hours and avoid them.

  1. Lack of privacy

Generally, at a gym, there are no walls to separate a machine from a machine all equipment is housed on one floor or multiple floors. Therefore, people can see others working out and doing other physical activity. Some individuals may have a problem with this lack of privacy and feel uncomfortable, especially for those who may be overweight or have recently joined the gym. In fact, gym intimidation is one of the contributing factors to why a person doesn’t join a gym.

Joining a gym is a decision that needs to be well thought out for many reasons. Do you want to finance such a convenience? Will you care about the eyes that may look at you? These questions should be answered if you are interested in joining a gym. Think about it, and your answer may surprise you.

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