Super Beta Prostate Review: Is it a hoax?

Super Beta Prostate Review: Is it a hoax?

Super Beta Prostate Investigation

It is estimated that about 8 out of 10 guys 60 years old and older are dealing with prostate challenges. It further approximated that at least 30 million of them are currently specifically coping with prostate enlargement and more join that number day. The purposes of Super Beta Prostate are to tackle this tragedy as well as the symptoms of BPH, cancer of the prostate gland, and prostatitis. New Vitality asserts that their mix of botanical properties can ward off these medicinal conditions, but remedy those that men are currently dealing with. Super Beta Prostate claims theirs is superior to any prostate support supplement in the marketplace.

Super Beta Prostate Properties and Actions

Super Beta Prostate is rich in phytosterols including Beta-Sitosterol which is one of the most potent. These are derived from organic materials and have extraordinarily healing actions upon the entire body. These phytosterols fight to decrease prostate inflammation and revitalize the libido. Another therapeutic phytosterol in this supplement is extracted from Pygeum Africanum. It incites carcinoma cell proliferation prohibitive actions and has been found to aim for malignancies in prostate tissue. Pygeum Africanum also addresses urination difficulties. Physicians frequently prescribe vitamin D supplementation for its bladder supportive actions because it influences muscle contraction in the course of urination. It is important to the intestinal absorption efficacy of other vital nutrients. Scientists have told the world that copper is important to immunity and fights off bacterial infections. They say it hinders the growth of prostatic malignancy and is a recuperative mineral which can terminate free radicals. Significantly higher degrees of zinc are found in the prostate than anywhere else in the body. It impedes cancer metastasis and medical scientists think that maintaining zinc levels in the body cuts prostate cancer risks.

A single capsule twice per day is the recommended dosage.

Super Beta Prostate Assets and Deficits

Super Beta Prostate Assets

Scientific testing has been performed on all of the ingredients.

Customers have posted praise for Super Beta Prostate across the web.

New Vitality provides dissatisfied consumers may ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

A free bottle is offered to first time buyers.

Super Beta Prostate Deficits

Super Beta Prostate has had no studies conducted on its end formula.

There are some negative reviews.

Satisfied consumers have generally posted about health support from Super Beta Prostate, not concerning its effectiveness as treatment. Consumers can find cheaper, but still effective options.


A 30-day supply is 60 capsules which costs around 20 bucks. It can be obtained from Walgreens,, or as well as numerous websites for supplements.

Last Vote

New Vitality seems to be a popular supplement manufacturer and each component in Super Beta Prostate has been scientifically investigated. The end product has not been studied and should not be considered for treatment of prostate disorders. It may be beneficial to support the health of an aging prostate; however, it would be difficult to determine, if it was helpful within the 30-day guarantee window.