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The 9 Health Benefits That Are a Result of Your Healthy and Loving Relationship!

by Supplement View Staff
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Relationships are a wonderful thing, no matter if they are short or for a lifetime. Being able to communicate with someone, share your feelings, ideas, even your worst fears, and bad life experiences are what relationships are all about. That is when we are talking about a healthy relationship where you can open your heart, soul, and mind for the other person. They have a great impact on your mental health by knowing that there is someone that listens to you gives you the attention that you require and having someone to lean on.

Well, as it turns out, healthy relationships have 9 amazing health benefits that you need to know about! Perhaps this will give you the motivation that you need to take the next step towards creating a fun, loving, healthy relationship with your significant other.

The 9 health benefits as a result of a healthy relationship:

  1. You get to live a longer life

A study published in 2010, demonstrated how married men live a longer life than unmarried men and men whose marriage ended in a divorce. The researchers suggest that the difference lays in the lifestyle changes between these two groups of men. Single men tend to live a more health compromising life that includes smoking, excessive drinking, staying up too late, driving too fast, getting filled up with fast food and etc. Whereas married men tend to drink in moderation, quit smoking, get enough sleep, and eat a homemade meal. Or to put it in a simpler way – unmarried men tend to put their lives in danger more commonly than married men.

  1. Emotional support

Once you get to enjoy a happy, healthy relationship, you get to enjoy the many advantages that a relationship like this has to offer. And emotional support is one of them. A lack of emotional support can very easily be the reason behind your depression and anxiety. But this way, you get to enjoy the emotional support that your partner has to offer you and you to offer him/her in return as well.

  1. Avoid loneliness

morning kisses and breakfast in bedA study published in the Journal of Psychological Medicine discovered that there was an increased rate of mortality among both men and women who felt lonely due to the absence of a significant other in their life. Decrease your rates of mortality and loneliness by finding a partner that you get to share your life with.

  1. Reduce your stress levels

Stress is known as the cause of a number of health problems including depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, heart problems, stroke, hypertension, and so on. Well, according to research done by the University of Chicago, married people tend to have lower cortisol levels, which is known as the stress hormone, than people who are not in a relationship or marriage.

  1. An improved ability to heal

Surprisingly, a recent study showed that married people who have undergone heart surgery are three times more likely that they are going to survive in the next three months than unmarried people. This stands for both men and women. As it turns out, married people are more prepared to manage the pain and discomfort that follows after the surgery than people who are alone. Perhaps it is because they know that in the end, there is someone that is waiting for them to come back home, healthy and happy.

  1. Better health

People who are in a relationship or marriage seem to be more motivated to take better care of their health by following a healthy diet, exercising, and avoiding any bad habits when compared with people who are alone.

  1. Increased production of dopamine and testosterone

It seems as If people who have a romantic partner have a greater production of dopamine and testosterone, within men. Increased production of these two hormones will make you feel better in your own body and give men the power to avoid and fight the common health issues that occur due to low testosterone levels.

  1. senior couple enjoying morningsBetter health in old age

A research done by the University of Missouri showed that married people get to enjoy great health even in their old age despite all the body changes that occur due to the aging process!

  1. You feel less pain

Researchers from Stanford University suggest that people who are in love are able to feel less pain than those people who are not in any terms in love with anything or anyone at the moment.


Relationships might not always be an easy thing, but it is all worth it when you think about all the things that you get in return for all the work that you put into a relationship. And as it turns out, relationships bring 9 amazing health benefits in your life, including feeling less pain and stress, having great emotional support, better health, improved the aging process, and so on. So perhaps everything really is worth it when you get to say thank you for all the advantages that your healthy, strong relationship brings to you and your partner!

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