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Top 10 Natural Libido Enhancers for Men

by David Johnson
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Most men have concerns regarding decreased libido or sex drives. Hence resorting to ways to boost their sexual performance to make their partners satisfied and happy. Some libido enhancers are mostly focused on the heart, hormones, behavior, and overall health. 

It is believed that to be able to achieve an increase in sex drive, men should be guarding their hearts. The heart is responsible for blood circulation in the body. And blood circulation is an essential part of increasing the libido as the penis needs adequate blood flow to maintain its erection. 

Regulation of hormones, behavior, and overall health also helps increase libido and stamina during the lovemaking sessions. To help you better, here are the top 10 natural libido enhancers for men that focus on these areas. 

A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep can help increase energy and regulate hormones responsible for controlling sex drives. Most of our cells and hormones in the body are repaired and replenished during sleep, helping to achieve a better state of well-being the next day. 

Sleep also helps decrease cortisol – a stress hormone known to decrease sex drive. 

Healthy diet healthy diet

A healthy diet composed of fruits, vegetables, and proteins can help increase libido in men. 

These are some foods worth noting to include in your diet:
  • Bananas – These fruits are rich in serotonin and potassium. Serotonin is also called the happy hormones which can boost your mood to prepare you for your lovemaking activity. Potassium on the other hand lowers the blood pressure and improves your muscle control and stamina. These are all essential mechanisms in improving your overall libido. 
  • Pepper family – peppers contain capsaicin that helps with the body’s blood circulation. An increase in circulation creates a good blood flow towards the penis that helps maintain an erection during your sexy time. 
  • Garlic and onion – these can also help with blood circulation.
  • Eggs – this decreases and helps balance stress hormones.

Get some sun

If you’re always hiding beneath the covers, its time to get up and get soaked with the sun. Having some sunlight is essential to boost your libido. The sun gives us Vitamin D, an amount of which we cannot get just by eating certain foods. Vitamin D increases testosterone levels in men which is vital in boosting sex drives. Aside from these, the sun is a natural source of serotonin. 

Junk bad habits

Smoking, drowning in too much alcohol, and eating too much junk foods give your health excessive stress. These impede blood circulation that can disrupt your erection. Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunctions in men especially those who started smoking at an early age. Studies also show a significant decrease in libido with men smoking than those who are not. 

Regulate your weight 

Sex drive and stamina always go along. When you are overweight, you tend to be tired and exhaustion catches up to you easily during sex. This is the reason why your appetite for sex decreases. 

Testosterone has also been found lesser in men who are overweight. 


Exercise and weight reduction go hand in hand. Exercise triggers your brain to produce endorphins which improves sleep and decreases the production of stress hormones. This helps regulate your mood to prepare for sex.

Talk to your partner  

Talking to your partner improves communication. Working on your relationship is an essential part of growing a more intimate relationship with them. You have to reignite the flame you have with them. 

Get a massage

Massage helps with blood circulation and as you are aware, blood circulation improves the mood and libido. 


Depending on you and your partner’s desire, try something new in the bedroom like role-playing. Some people try this one to get the excitement going on. Pretend you were someone else and complete the set up with some costumes and sex toys of your preference. This can send a thrill in your body while you explore other options of making sexy time more fun. 

Meditationcouple meditating

A quiet time to yourself helps decrease stress and increase your self-awareness. Meditation helps you clear off your mind, decrease anxiety, and renew your body energy. It’s better to bring your partner when doing this activity so you will both understand each other better. After this, you may try some sexy time and see the difference. 

These are only some examples of natural libido enhancers to help men achieve their full potential to make themselves and their partner happy and satisfied during their lovemaking activity. 

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