True Calm – Can it be trusted to work as well as the name states?

True Calm - Can it be trusted to work as well as the name states?

Picking out a supplement can be a difficult task. Of course, the label is the first thing that stands out and with a title that makes a bold statement – this can sway us to buy. The question is: will the product work as it claims? We can truly tell you the answer because we compile information that is received from the results of clinical trials as well as using our expert knowledge. The reviews we produce are based on facts and research that will save you a lot of time, effort and money. If you wish to understand what you need to know about supplements, you can listen to our advice.

The product and its purpose

Relax mood

One particular dietary supplement, True Calm made by the company Now Foods is designed to relieve mental stress and generate a stable relaxed mood. The formula uses a blend of amino acids and cerebral nutrients such as GABA. These natural components are important for addressing deficiencies known to cause depression and may also improve the severity of psychological disorders.


True Calm - Ingredients

Firstly, please take note: This product is not to replace antidepressants and may only assist minor mood and stress issues.
Secondly: Always check with a doctor before you begin to take medication whether it is natural for pharmaceutical.  And finally: There were no clinical studies performed and so this product may not function as well as you would hope.  The main ingredient in this combination is GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid, an important neurotransmitter. When there are low levels of GABA this may influence feelings of anxiety or depression.  The substance that can treat depression and bipolar disorder is inositol, which is an active ingredient that is naturally found in the body. It facilitates the transmission of serotonin. Sleeping disorders are assisted by the herb Valerian. This substance is also often used for conditions related to psychological stress and anxiety.  The rest of the ingredients are as follows: niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, glycine, and taurine.


The fact that this product is so cheap indicates that it is probably not the best. At just $9.59 you can claim a one month supply – should you take the maximum recommendation of three per day. There are ninety capsules to a bottle.


When looking for any type of supplement, it is always best to have something that has some form of scientific evidence of its worth and effectiveness. If this area is lacking, then it is likely that you can find something genuine that has this back up information to prove that it works. The leading brand of this nature oif supplement, for example, is Relax Holy Basil. At a very fair price of $19.95 for a one month supply it has also been tested not just recently, but the ingredients used have been used throughout history. Holy Basil is a renowned antioxidant that will help heal the mind and body and its potency indicates that it will inflict its advantages well and fast.