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UltraCore Power Review – Just the Facts

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We are now enjoying the golden age of supplement products. The industry has never had such interest, investment, and development, and the consumers are starting to notice. We’ve covered supplements for the last decade, and for the most part, the number of product choices has been increasing steadily year after year.

You may notice that we haven’t posted a supplement review in the last few months. Over the course of this progress in the industry, not much has changed in terms of quality and performance. While it’s true that many of these products are quite effective and reliable, we’ve reached a point of saturation where there are just too many products and very few standouts.

This time is different. This review is for a very special product that started a shift in the supplement industry. We’re talking about reaching a level that has never been attained by any singular product in the market. This product is so groundbreaking that we estimate that other brands – even those outside of its segment, will adapt the system that this brand is offering.

We’re talking about UltraCore Power.

If you’ve ever searched for male performance-enhancing supplements or testosterone boosters, there’s a good chance you’ve come across UltraCore Power at least once. Supplement review sites are rich with content about this amazing product, and we’re not going to lure you in with intrigue. We flat out express that this product is just as amazing as you think it is.

We published dozens of reviews about different supplements in this market, and if you’ve followed some of our reviews, you’d know that we are very critical of supplements in general. We’ve reviewed products that virtually had nothing to contribute to a person’s health, and there are some that had great formulas that would be beneficial to the user. We reviewed UltraCore Power with the same level of scrutiny you’d expect from this website, and we never pulled back on any of our punches. We looked for any factor that’s wrong with this product, and we didn’t see any. We even tested the product ourselves to see if what’s on paper would translate to real-life results, and it did. It’s just one of the few instances where we are totally and completely captivated by how amazing the product is, that we became loyal customers along the way.

But that’s just us.

We want to show you the process that led us to the conclusion that UltraCore Power is the best supplement for men. We reviewed every single aspect of this product – the quality, ingredients, effectiveness, reliability, pricing, and customer service. It’s never simple claiming that a product has changed your life, but UltraCore Power did just that for us. This review is merely a chronicle of our experience with UltraCore Power, and what information we uncovered, that led us to try the product, and eventually become loyal customers ourselves.

UltraCore Power Facts

Before digging deep into UltraCore Power, here are some facts that you should know about before purchasing UltraCore Power:

UltraCore Power is a membership-based product.

If you buy directly from UltraCorePower.com, you’ll be getting UltraCore Power as a membership-based product. This means that you get a supply of UltraCore Power every month as a part of your membership. Of course, this comes with automatic ordering and charging on your credit card. This seems like the shady deals that some companies would put in place to charge their customers secretly, right? NO.

The main difference between UltraCore Power and the other shady companies that try to charge customers secretly is the fact that UltraCore Power openly discusses their membership program and benefits with their customers. Before buying, you will become fully aware that UltraCore Power is a membership-based product, and you can, therefore, make an informed decision whether you want to get UltraCore Power or not.

UltraCore Power membership isn’t just a one-sided deal, like with other companies. You actually get a substantial benefit from being a customer. First, you get your re-bill or re-order at 40% off monthly. That’s almost half of the price of UltraCore Power, just by being a member. Next, you get an additional 10% on your 4th month onwards, which brings your monthly discounts up to 50% off! The savings on UltraCore Power makes more sense compared to other supplement companies that would force you to buy a year’s worth of supplements in one go to get substantial discounts from their products. You end up with a cabinet full of supplements for a year, and who knows if the supplements will still be good when you use them. Some supplements get sticky when stored for so long. With a monthly supply, you can be sure that you get a fresh supply every month, and that’s the right way to do it.

Next, you also get free UltraCore Essentials supplements every month. You get to choose from 12 different health supplements, and you get them together with your next month’s supply. These supplements normally cost about $50 per bottle, and you get one free every month. You can even change your free supplements every month, depending on what you prefer.

Lastly, you get access to a home exercise program called XR30 Total Home Fitness. This extreme workout program is created to make easy-to-perform routines, structured in a way that it will be more challenging and productive as you continue with the program. There are 12 workout videos, each lasting about 30 minutes each. XR30 features Ian Lauer and Breann Mitchell, two fitness experts who will guide you to transforming your body in just 30 days.

All of these benefits are included in being an UltraCore Power member. The membership allows you to cancel at any time without any penalties, and of course, it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. That’s more than enough assurance to tell you that the membership has more pros than cons, and if that’s not your cup of tea, you can always buy from the official UltraCore Power shops at Amazon and eBay, for a much more expensive price tag, of course.

UltraCore Power is a THREE supplement Complex

Let me be straight with this – UltraCore Power is not a single supplement; it’s composed of three testosterone-boosting supplements, Male UltraCore, Ultra Prime, and Ultra Edge. These three supplements are specially-formulated to work as one unit. Taking all three supplements will give you the results as described by UltraCore Power.

You also have the option to downgrade and buy the basic or plus package, which includes only the main supplement, Male UltraCore, together with all the membership benefits. Downgrading to the basic package will not disqualify you from the membership benefits. You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time without any penalties.

Male UltraCore Amazon Rating: 4.4 · 301 reviews

UltraCore Power contains Premium Ingredients

Let’s be real here and point out the obvious – UltraCore Power isn’t as affordable as the average testosterone booster or male enhancement supplement. That’s because the formula uses standardized extracts, which are far more expensive to produce than the typical supplement powder ingredients you normally see in 95% of all the supplements sold today.

Standardized extracts give you an exact, guaranteed ratio of the active ingredient relative to the content. This ensures that you get an accurate dosage of each active component, regardless of what batch or source it was produced with. Standardized extracts go through an isolation process where the ingredients are purified and the active components are extracted. This makes standardized extracts more potent, and by having standardized extracts in the formula, it makes UltraCore Power more potent as well.

These are the facts that you should be aware of when buying UltraCore Power. Keep these facts in mind when comparing UltraCore Power with other supplements.

UltraCore Power Resultshealthy man in gym happy about Progentra

When we studied the formula of UltraCore Power, we were amazed at just how comprehensive the ingredient selection is. This website has a team of supplement experts and if we were to come up with a formula to improve testosterone and physical performance, it would be just like this – and other supplement companies would be aware of it too. However, since it costs too much to produce, other companies choose to sell cheap supplements with just a slight chance of getting results, rather than to go with a formula that really works.

UltraCore Power takes it even further by aligning the ingredients with a formula to focus on a specific result that contributes to testosterone enhancement and physical performance. This takes UltraCore Power’s results to levels we’ve never seen before. That’s why we ultimately decided to try out UltraCore Power and see if the formula is as good as they say it is.

We’re a team of 10 men, age 26-49, with varying lifestyles and fitness. We chose to try UltraCore Power for at least three months to see if it will work. We decided NOT to discuss UltraCore Power with each other during the trial process as to not influence others’ perception of the product.

Surprisingly, all of us had the same results. Each of us improved our overall testosterone levels and greatly enhanced our physical and mental performance. Of course, some had better progress than others, especially those who worked out regularly, and those who follow a strict diet. What matters is the resounding effectiveness of UltraCore Power that it was effective for everyone, regardless of age, fitness, lifestyle, or genetics.

UltraCore Power Ingredients

UltraCore Power has some of the best ingredients you can ever find in testosterone-boosting supplements. You may find some of these ingredients in other supplements, but I can guarantee you’ll never find the same amount, combination, or potency, similar to what UltraCore Power has. Here are some notable ingredients that UltraCore Power has:

Longjack – also known as Tongkat Ali, is the most productive testosterone-boosting ingredients today. It can enhance testosterone production, and it also reduces the factors that slow down testosterone production.

L-Arginine – an amino acid that can increase nitric oxide levels in the blood to allow blood vessels to dilate and improve blood flow.

ZMA – a powerful combination of Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6, that many athletes use to improve testosterone production and muscle energy.

Tribulus Terrestris – reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen to build up total testosterone levels

Fenugreek – reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT to prevent prostate enlargement, and to build up total testosterone levels

KSM-66 – powerful Ashwagandha product that reduces cortisol to enhance testosterone production

Shilajit Extract – performance-enhancing booster that helps reduce cortisol and boosts testosterone production

Bioperine – contains piperine to enhance the absorption and delivery of the nutrients found in UltraCore Power

UltraCore Power, in total, contains 5525mg daily dose of ingredients, and about 15 more ingredients not included on this list. To see the full list of ingredients included in UltraCore Power, please visit their website.


Is UltraCore Power only for older men?

No. Any man, age 18 or older, can benefit from the comprehensive testosterone boost of UltraCore Power. UltraCore power not only enhances free and total testosterone levels, but it also reduces the counterproductive effect of estrogen and the side effects of DHT such as prostate growth. It also improves blood flow, mental performance, and stress management, which any man can benefit from.

Can UltraCore Power enhance sexual performance?

Yes. Sexual performance is mostly fueled by two things – testosterone and blood flow, and UltraCore Power’s formula is deeply-rooted in enhancing these two factors. Testosterone increases libido, while vasodilation improves strength and stamina.

Is UltraCore Power’s membership mandatory?

No. You can purchase UltraCore Power without membership through its official Amazon and eBay stores. However, you won’t be able to access the exclusive discounts and benefits offered to UltraCore Power members. UltraCore Power is exclusively sold online through its official website (UltraCorePower.com), and the official Amazon and eBay stores. You should only buy UltraCore Power through the official websites to prevent fake/counterfeit products and to take advantage of the many benefits of being an UltraCore Power member.


UltraCore Power is certainly the most effective performance-enhancing supplement we’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen some of the best supplements this industry has to offer. Sure, its regular price tag may raise some eyebrows, but its members-exclusive discounts make it more affordable than the mainstream testosterone-boosters you can find today. You’re getting not just one supplement, but 4 every month, and that makes UltraCore Power one of the best offers you can ever get in this industry. From its ingredients to the membership benefits, it’s clear that UltraCore Power wants you to experience the capabilities of their product, and that’s why we 100% support and recommend UltraCore Power.

UltraCore Power


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Justin is a sports nutrition consultant for a multinational sports agency. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Justin is from Miami, FL and is an avid fan of watersports.

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