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What does Aphrodisiac do to Your Sex Life?

by David Johnson


Most people think that just like a little lift can determine a groundbreaking achievement, so also, aphrodisiacs can spice up sexual excitement – after all, it’s the feeling that matters. Hence, stimulants are employed to aggrandize erotic ecstasy too just like they have adapted it to every aspect of their activities to boost efficiency. The goal is not farfetched; it’s the need to have it (sex) better.

While it is not debatable that aphrodisiacs can boost arousal or ignite sexual excitement, what it poses to the healthy sexual life of anyone is worth considering. Hence, this little piece of write-up. It contains the effects of these substances and what they hold for one’s sexual life in the long run.


What are Aphrodisiacs? 


These are substances be it food, herbs, organic or non-organic substances, that can heighten sexual desire, sexual behavior, and aid sexual activity. They are taken to boost erection or delay the time of orgasm so that sexual intercourse can be well enjoyed. Different varieties of these substances exist in food, spices, synthetic chemicals, and herbs.

As said earlier, these substances can be found in food. Interestingly, food that shares a similar resemblance to the genital organs such as eggs and caviar is seen as having high aphrodisiac. Examples of foods that can be aphrodisiac are eggs, oyster which is high in zinc notable for improving a person’s sex urge and drives including his general wellbeing; asparagus, watermelon, artichokes, the list goes on.

Spicy foods such as spicy chili pepper also have this substance in them. Scientifically, spicy foods are notable for capsaicin which is abundant in them. Once ingested, capsaicin has the ability to increase the body’s metabolism and heartbeat rate. Such herbs as ginseng are notable for their ability to tune up sexual desire. Other examples of herbal aphrodisiacs include Tribulus Terrestris, Crocus Sativus, Kaemferia Parviflore, and Phoenix Dactylifera, and so on.

The effect of aphrodisiacs is all-encompassing; it can boost low libido in both men and women; it is capable of causing arousal and sustaining long-lasting erections for sexual intercourse; it stimulates the spine nerve centers, thereby causing an erection.

It should be pointed out that, despite the fact that aphrodisiacs are not professionally endorsed by standard pharmaceutical boards, its use has known no decline. This is an indication that a lot of people rely on it to step up their sexuality.


Here are ways in which aphrodisiacs impact your sexual life negatively unknown to you:


  • They pose a health risk to you

Some of these substances come with unpleasant side effects on the body. Such side effects like hallucination, excessive weakness, paralysis, overstimulation, epididymis hypertension, and so on. When you keep ingesting these substances for an amplified sexual experience, the body gradually gets impaired. An example of an aphrodisiac with extreme side effects is the Yohimbe, an African herb. Despite its side effects, it is effective for the improvement of libido and also, aids erection.


  • Risk of addiction

Aphrodisiacs are reputation for stirring up the sexual feeling and amplifying the sexual aura. Of course, you’d always want the experience to be wild, exciting, and ecstatic every time you engage in sex or sex-related activities. As such, you’d become addicted to the use of these substances until they begin to bother your health.


  • Risk of chronic infections

Notable among the aphrodisiacs is the Spanish fly which is reputed as the most legendary but vile too. It is legendary in that it is swift in facilitating blood flow to the genital areas, hence, causing a firmer erection. On the other hand, it is designated as the most dangerous because it is a poison that can burn the mouth and throat. It is also capable of being infecting the urinary tract which could eventually lead to death. These and more are the risk the use of aphrodisiac pose to your entire wellbeing.


You Can Do Without Aphrodisiacs


It’s true, they canhappy couple cruising amplify your sexual desire, urge, and behavior. It’s true, they can boost your sexual experience. Nevertheless, they pose serious danger to your sex life. With aphrodisiacs, you only live for the moment, but the consequences will be felt forever as they can make a mess of your sexual life.

Better than aphrodisiacs are the smell and scents of your partner. There’s nothing much more exciting than having a partner who understands how to satisfy your sexual longings. Apart from your partner’s relevance to the romp, your mind also matters. You only have to channel it towards the right cause and cease believing in the efficacy of substances to amplify your sexual life.

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