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Zoller Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release –As a supplement, how is it?

by Joe Swanson
Zoller Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release –As a supplement, how is it?

When it comes to losing weight and reducing fat, it is not easy for everyone. You try dieting and walk around feeling hungry – and if you do not submit to your appetite, then that can have other effects, especially to your mood.

So you decide to look for a product that can assist you and these days there are so many supplements on the market that it can be really hard to choose.

This is why we have compiled reviews to try and help make the process of picking out the right dietary supplement and other enhancements easy for you. You can trust our expert knowledge of ingredients and their effects.

The product

Zantrex Black has now developed its third formula to help you burn fat in the same way the two previous versions did but without the side effects cause by their ingredients. For this reason Zantrex Black is quite the controversial product, but is it worth a third chance?

Surely if someone had to remake a product once they would get it right the second time over? But Zoller had to come up with a third attempt!

Ingredients of Zollar Zantrex

The new formula is carefully designed with antioxidants Niacin, Green and Black tea, Maca root, Guarana Seed, Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Damaina, Black Pepper.

The vitamin Niacin increases the blood flow which is what you need when you are hoping to achieve positive exercise results, however – this component is known to cause a red flush named ‘niacin flush.’

You can see here that there are four large sources of caffeine: Black tea, Green tea, Guarana seed and Yerba Mate. This means that you would need to avoid any other caffeine products throughout your day. You will feel stimulated and a rise in energy, that is for sure!

Maca Root is a great herb that releases dopamine from the brain which allows you to feel motivated and happy.

Ginseng improves the flow of blood and supplies both nutrients and oxygen to the muscles during exercise.

Damaina is worldwide renowned aphrodisiac and this is where the energy comes from for the libido.


Within a bottle there are 84 capsules and at two capsules per day this leaves you with just over a month’s supply. The price of this is $25.99.


Value of Zollar Zantrex

My first choice would be either Flat Belly or
GarciniaX as a dietary supplement – simply because I like to avoid stimulants and am sensitive to caffeine. I prefer to consume something that doesn’t interfere with my body’s natural process and helps me achieve the goals that I am striving towards safely. And for $19.95 a bottle the price is more than reasonable.

Another thing that puts me off Zoller’s Zantrex apart from their track record of not being a very safe product is the risk of having flushes that you receive from the Niacin content. Despite these being harmless, I just do not like the sound of experiencing these symptoms.

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